Thursday, 12 October 2017

Monster Index

Monster Index

A couple of days ago I've noticed that I have 50+ monsters posted on this blog, so it would be useful to make an index for easy reference.

Aarakocra - Monster: Aarakocra.
Aasimar Warrior - NPCs: Planetouched Warriors.
Abeil Queen - Monsters: Abeils.
Abeil Soldier - Monsters: Abeils.
Abeil Vassal - Monsters: Abeils.
Aberrant Cacodemon - Monsters: Cacodemons.
Aboleth - Monsters: Aboleths.
Abyssal Drake - Monster: Abyssal Drake.
Abyssal Eviscerator - Monster: Abyssal Eviscerator.
Abyssal Greater Basilisk - Monsters: Basilisks.
Abyssal Karkanak - Monsters: Crab People.
Abyssal Maw - Monsters: Abyssal Demons.
Abyssal Ravager - Monsters: Abyssal Demons.
Abyssal Skulker - Monsters: Abyssal Demons.
Achaierai - Monster: Achaierai.
Adamantine Horror - Monsters: Clockwork Horrors.
Advespa - Monsters: Devils.
Aerial Servant - Monster: Aerial Servant.
Air Element Squid - Monsters: Element Creatures.
Air Elemental - Monster: Air Elemental.
Air Elementite Swarm - Monsters: Elementite Swarms.
Air Gen - Sorcery: Sha'ir Spellcasting.
Alabaster Aerial - Monsters: Astral Constructs.
Albatross - Monsters: Aquatic Animals.
Alhoon (Illithilich) - Monster: Alhoon (Illithilich).
Allip - Monster: Allip.
Amber Tunneler - Monsters: Astral Constructs.
Amethyst Dragon - Monster: Amethyst Dragon.
Amiq Rasol - Monster: Amiq Rasol.
Amnizu - Monster: Amnizu.
Amphibious Aboleth - Monsters: Aboleths.
Amphibious Giant Maggot - Monsters: Underdark Monsters/Races.
Amphibious Medusa - Monsters: Stormwrack Monsters.
Anathemic Carapace - Monsters: Astral Constructs.
Ancient Blue Dracolich - Lens/Monster: Dracolich.
Ancient Blue Proto-Dracolich - Lens/Monster: Dracolich.
Androsphinx - Monster: Androsphinx.
Angazhani (High Girallon) - Monsters/Racial Templates: Apes and Monkeys.
Animated Manacles - Monster: Animated Manacles.
Ankheg - Monster: Ankheg.
Annis - Monster: Annis.
Annis Hag Alter Ego - Lens/Monster: Alter Ego.
Aquatic Dragon - Monster: Aquatic Dragon.
Aquatic Elf Dolphin Rider - Monsters: Stormwrack Monsters II.
Aquatic Elf Hunter - Monsters/NPCs: Elves I.
Aquatic Elf Warrior - Monsters: Stormwrack Monsters II.
Aquatic Giant Maggot - Monsters: Underdark Monsters/Races.
Aranea - Monster: Aranea.
Arcanaloth - Monsters: Yugoloths.
Arch-Vile - Monster: Arch-Vile.
Armanite - Monsters: Demons IV.
Arrowhawk - Monster: Arrowhawk.
Asabi - Monsters: Asabis.
Ascomoid - Monster: Ascomoid.
Ash Quasi-Elemental - Monster: Ash Quasi-Elemental.
Ash Rat - Monsters: Rats II.
Asperi - Monster: Asperi.
Assassin Devil (Dogai) - Monsters: Devils.
Assassin Vine - Monster: Assassin Vine.
Astral Construct - Monsters: Astral Constructs.
Astral Deva - Monsters: Angels.
Athach - Monster: Athach.
Aventi Sergeant - Monsters: Stormwrack Monsters.
Avolakia - Monster: Avolakia.
Avoral - Monster: Avoral.
Axiomatic Bulette (Perfect Landshark) - Lens/Monsters: Axiomatic Creatures.
Axiomatic Dragonne - Lens/Monsters: Axiomatic Creatures.
Ayperobos Swarm - Monsters: Devils.
Azer - Monster: Azer.
Azurin Cleric - Monsters/NPCs: Azurins.
Azurin Soulborn - Monsters/NPCs: Azurins.
Azurin Warrior - Monsters/NPCs: Azurins.

Babau - Monster: Babau.
Baboon - Monsters: Simians.
Backwatcher Carapace - Monsters: Illithid Symbionts.
Badger - Monsters: Badgers.
Baku (The Dark One) - Monsters: Bakus.
Baku (The Holy One) - Monsters: Bakus.
Baku Dreamweaver - Monster: Baku Dreamweaver.
Baleen Whale - Monsters: Fish and Whales.
Balor - Monster: Balor.
Banelar - Monster: Banelar.
Barghest - Monster: Barghest.
Battle Effigy - Monsters: Faerun Constructs.
Battle Horror - Monsters: Faerun Constructs.
Bearded Devil (Barbazu) - Monster: Bearded Devil (Barbazu).
Beetle Buckler - Monster: Beetle Buckler.
Behir - Monster: Behir.
Beholder - Monster: Beholder.
Belairon (Filth Demon) - Monsters: Dungeon Magazine Demons.
Belker - Monster: Belker.
Black Abishai - Monsters: Abishais.
Black Dragon - Monster: Black Dragon.
Black Ethergaunt - Monsters: Ethergaunts.
Black Neo-Orog - Monsters: Orcish Halfbreeds.
Black Pudding - Monsters: Ooze.
Black Rock Triskelion (Earth Avatar) - Monsters: Avatars of Elemental Evil.
Blackshell - Monsters: Turtlemen.
Blade Guardian - Monsters: Guardian Familiars.
Bladeback - Monsters: Saurials.
Blood Fiend - Monsters: Demons III.
Blue Abishai - Monsters: Abishais.
Blue Dragon - Monster: Blue Dragon.
Blue Slaad - Monster: Blue Slaad.
Blue Telepath - NPCs: Psionic Racial Examples.
Bodak - Monster: Bodak.
Bogey - Monster: Bogey.
Boggart - Monsters: Boggarts.
Boggart (Pathfinder) - Monsters: Boggarts.
Bone Rat Swarm - Monsters: Rats II.
Brain in a Jar - Monsters: Libris Mortis Undead II.
Brain Mole - Monster: Brain Mole.
Brainstealer Dragon - Monster: Brainstealer Dragon.
Bralani - Monster: Bralani.
Brass Dragon - Monster: Brass Dragon.
Brass Golem - Monsters: Golems.
Brass Gorgon - Monsters: Gorgons.
Brixashulty - Monsters: Friends of the Wild.
Bronze Dragon - Monster: Bronze Dragon.
Bronze Gorgon - Monsters: Gorgons.
Bronze Griffon - Treasure: Figurines of Wondrous Power.
Broodswarm - Monsters: Demons IV.
Brown Dragon - Monster: Brown Dragon.
Brown Muuch - Racial Templates/NPCs: Zotz and Muuch.
Brown Pudding - Monsters: Ooze.
Bugbear Dread Echohusk - Monsters/Lenses: Echohusks.
Bugbear Echohusk - Monsters/Lenses: Echohusks.
Bugbear Hunter - Monsters/NPCs: Goblinoids and Kobolds.
Bugbear Zombie - Monsters: Zombies.
Bulette - Monster: Bulette.
Burning Kyshakk - Monsters: Kyshakks.

Cacodemon - Monsters: Cacodemons.
Caldron - Monsters: Magens.
Caligrosto - Monsters: Loumara II.
Caller from the Deeps - Monsters: Stormwrack Monsters II.
Caller in Darkness - Monster: Caller in Darkness.
Carnage Demon - Monsters: Monster Manual V Demons.
Carrion Crawler - Monster: Carrion Crawler.
Cataboligne Demon - Monsters: More Demonic Foes.
Catoblepas - Monster: Catoblepas.
Cauchemar - Monsters: Nightmares.
Caulborn - Monsters: Caulborn.
Caulborn Thoughtkeeper - Monsters: Caulborn.
Cave Locust - Monster: Cave Locust.
Cave Rat - Monsters: Rats.
Cerebric Cyst - Monster: Cerebric Cyst.
Cerebrilith - Monster: Cerebrilith.
Cervidal - Monsters: Guardinals.
Cessirid - Monster: Cessirid.
Cesspit Ooze - Monster: Cesspit Ooze.
Chaggrin (Earth Grue) - Monsters: Elemental Grues.
Chain Devil (Kyton) - Monster: Chain Devil (Kyton).
Chain Golem - Monster: Chain Golem.
Changesteed - Monsters: Leucrottas.
Charged Fyora - Monsters: Fyoras and Cryoas.
Chiang Lung (River Dragon) - Monster: Chiang Lung (River Dragon).
Chimera - Monster: Chimera.
Chimera Skeleton - Monsters: Skeletons.
Chimeric Ankheg - Monster: Chimeric Ankheg.
Chyzaedu - Monster: Chyzaedu.
Cloud Giant Necrocarnum Zombie - Lens/Monsters: Necrocarnum Zombies.
Cloud Giant Skeleton - Monsters: Skeletons.
Cloud Ray - Monster: Cloud Ray.
Cockatrice - Monster: Cockatrice.
Cold Element Shambling Mound (Tundra Shambler) - Monsters: Element Creatures.
Combusted - Monster: Combusted.
Common Raggamoffyn - Monsters: Raggamoffyns.
Conflagration Ooze - Monster: Conflagration Ooze.
Contemplative - Monsters: Contemplatives.
Copper Dragon - Monster: Copper Dragon.
Corollax - Monster: Corollax.
Corpse Gatherer - Monster: Corpse Gatherer.
Corpse Rat Swarm - Monsters: Rats II.
Corpse Tearer - Monsters: Linnorms.
Craa'ghoran Giant - Monster: Craa'ghoran Giant.
Cranium Rat Swarm - Monster: Cranium Rat Swarm.
Crawling Claw - Monsters: Hands and Arms.
Crawling Claw Swarm - Monsters: Hands and Arms.
Crested Felldrake - Monsters: Felldrakes.
Crimson Death - Monster: Crimson Death.
Criosphinx - Monster: Criosphinx.
Crow's-nest Dragon - Monster: Crow's-nest Dragon.
Cryodrayk - Monsters: Drayks.
Cryohydra - Monsters: Hydras.
Crypt Spawn Half-Orc Fighter - Monster/Sorcery: Crypt Spawn.
Cryptoclidus - Monsters: Dinosaurs.
Crysmal - Monster: Crysmal.
Crystal Dragon - Monster: Crystal Dragon.
Crystal Ooze - Monster: Crystal Ooze.
Cutpurse - NPCs: Bandits.
Cyclonic Ravager (Air Avatar) - Monsters: Avatars of Elemental Evil.
Cyclops - Monsters: Cyclopes.

Darfellan Barbarian - Monsters: Stormwrack Monsters II.
Darfellan Warrior - Monsters: Stormwrack Monsters II.
Dark Creeper - Monsters: Dark Ones.
Dark Empath - Monsters: Dark Ones.
Dark Stalker - Monsters: Dark Ones.
Dark Umber Hulk - Monsters/Lens: Dark Creature.
Darktentacles - Monster: Darktentacles.
Death Giant - Monster: Death Giant.
Death Kiss - Monsters: Beholderkin.
Death Ox - Monster: Death Ox.
Death Slaad - Monster: Death Slaad.
Deathbringer - Monster: Deathbringer.
Deep Dragon - Monster: Deep Dragon.
Deep Dwarf Spearman - Monsters/NPCs: Dwarves.
Deep Halfling Warrior - Monsters/NPCs: Halflings.
Deepspawn - Monster: Deepspawn.
Derro Magister - Monster: Derro Magister.
Desert Cyclops - Monsters: Cyclopes.
Devourer - Monster: Devourer.
Diamond Golem - Monsters: Faerunian Golems.
Digester - Monster: Digester.
Dire Ape - Monsters: Simians.
Dire Badger - Monsters: Badgers.
Dire Baraccuda
Dire Bat - Monsters: Dire B.
Dire Bear - Monsters: Dire B.
Dire Boar - Monsters: Dire B.
Dire Elephant - Monsters: More Dire Animals.
Dire Horse - Monsters: More Dire Animals.
Dire Lion - Monsters: Felines.
Dire Lion Effigy - Monster: Dire Lion Effigy.
Dire Rat - Monsters: Rats.
Dire Rhinoceros - Monsters: Rhinoceroses.
Dire Shark - Monsters: Fish and Whales.
Dire Snake - Monsters: More Dire Animals.
Dire Tiger - Monsters: Felines.
Dire Toad - Monsters: More Dire Animals.
Dire Weasel - Monsters: Weasels.
Dire Werebadger - Lenses/Monsters: More Lycanthropes.
Dire Wolverine - Monsters: Assorted Animals.
Displacer Beast - Monster: Displacer Beast.
Displacer Beast Pack Lord - Monster: Displacer Beast.
Dissolution Ooze - Monster: Dissolution Ooze.
Djinni - Monsters: Djinn.
Dragonflesh Golem - Monsters: Golems.
Dragonkin - Monster: Dragonkin.
Dragonne - Monster: Dragonne.
Dragonshell - Monsters: Turtlemen.
Drakkensteed - Monsters: Exotic Steeds.
Drakon - Monsters: Drayks.
Dread Guard - Monster: Dread Guard.
Dread Linnorm - Monsters: Linnorms.
Dread Wraith - Monsters: Wraiths.
Dreamthief Hag - Monster: Dreamthief Hag.
Dretch - Monster: Dretch.
Drider - Monster: Drider.
Drider Vampire - Monster: Drider Vampire.
Dromite Warrior - NPCs: Psionic Racial Examples.
Drow Warrior - Monsters/NPCs: Elves I.
Drow Werebat - Lenses/Monsters: Lycanthropes.
Drow-Dragon - Monster: Shadow Dragon.
Dryad - Monster: Dryad.
Duergar Tyrant - Monster: Duergar Tyrant.
Duergar Warrior - Monster/NPC: Duergar Warrior.
Dun Pudding - Monsters: Ooze.
Dune Stalker - Monster: Dune Stalker.
Dunewinder - Monster: Dunewinder.
Durzagon - Monster: Durzagon.
Duskling Barbarian - Monsters: Dusklings.
Duskling Totemist - Monsters: Dusklings.
Duskling Warrior - Monsters: Dusklings.
Dust Mephit - Monster: Dust Mephit.
Dust Quasi-Elemental - Monster: Dust Quasi-Elemental.
Dwarf Neogi - Monsters: Neogi.
Earth Element Rhinoceros - Monsters: Element Creatures.
Earth Elemental - Monster: Earth Elemental.
Earth Elementite Swarm - Monsters: Elementite Swarms.
Earth Gen - Sorcery: Sha'ir Spellcasting.
Earth Necromental (Large) - Monsters: Elemental Undead.
Ebony Stinger - Monsters: Astral Constructs.
Echinoloth - Monsters: Stormwrack Monsters IV.
Ectoplasm Elemental - Monster: Ectoplasm Elemental.
Ectoplasmic Swarm - Monster: Ectoplasmic Swarm.
Effigy - Monster: Effigy.
Efreeti - Monster: Efreeti.
Ekolid - Monster: Obyriths.
Elan Warrior - NPCs: Psionic Racial Examples.
Elder Black Pudding - Monsters: Ooze.
Elder Brain - Monster: Elder Brain.
Elder Psurlon - Monsters: Psurlons.
Electrum Horror - Monsters: Clockwork Horrors.
Elite Lost Nymph Barbarian - Monsters/Lenses: Incarnum Lenses.
Elite Yaggol - Monsters: Yaggol.
Emerald Dragon - Monster: Emerald Dragon.
Emerald Golem - Monsters: Faerunian Golems.
Enlightened Contemplative - Monsters: Contemplatives.
Entropic Reaper - Monster: Entropic Reaper.
Equine Golem - Monsters: Guards and Mounts.
Erinyes - Monster: Erinyes.
Ether Scarab - Monster: Ether Scarab.
Ethereal Doppelganger - Monster: Ethereal Doppelganger.
Ethereal Filcher - Monster: Ethereal Filcher.
Ethereal Marauder - Monster: Ethereal Marauder.
Ethereal Slayer - Monster: Ethereal Slayer.
Ettercap - Monster: Ettercap.
Ettin - Monster: Ettin.
Ettin Skeleton - Monsters: Skeletons.
Eye of Fear and Flame - Monsters: Vile Undead.
Famine Spirit - Monsters: More Undead.
Fang Dragon - Monster: Fang Dragon.
Faun - Monster: Faun.
Feral-Kind Cyclopean - Monsters: Cyclopes.
Feytouched - Monster: Feytouched.
Fiendish Cleric of Yeenoghu - Monsters/NPCs: Gnolls.
Fiendish Dire Bat - Monsters: Demons III.
Fiendish Dire Rat - Lens/Monster: Fiendish Creature/Fiendish Dire Rat.
Fiendish Familiar - Monsters: Fiendish Symbionts.
Fiendwurm - Monster: Fiendwurm.
Fiery Cacodemon - Monsters: Cacodemons.
Finhead - Monsters: Saurials.
Fire Bat - Monsters: Bats.
Fire Element Ape - Monsters: Element Creatures.
Fire Elemental - Monster: Fire Elemental.
Fire Elementite Swarm - Monsters: Elementite Swarms.
Fire Gen - Sorcery: Sha'ir Spellcasting.
Fire Rat - Monsters: Rats II.
Firenewt - Monsters: Assorted Faerun Monsters.
Flamebrother Salamander - Monsters: Salamanders.
Flesh Golem - Monster: Flesh Golem.
Flesh Harrower (Dire Puppeteer) - Monsters: Puppeteers.
Flesh Jelly - Monster: Flesh Jelly.
Flyer - Monsters: Saurials.
Flying Fingers - Monsters: Hands and Arms.
Forest Giant - Monsters: More Giants.
Forest Gnome Ranger - Monsters/NPCs: Gnomes.
Forest Sloth - Monster: Forest Sloth.
Forestfolk - Monster/Racial Template: Forestfolk.
Formian Myrmarch - Monster: Formian Myrmarch.
Formian Queen - Monster: Formian Queen.
Formian Taskmaster - Monster: Formian Taskmaster.
Formian Warrior - Monster: Formian Warrior.
Formian Worker - Monster: Formian Worker.
Frogling - Monster: Frogling.
Frost Giant - Monster: Frost Giant.
Frost Giant Jarl - Monster: Frost Giant.
Frost Salamander - Monster: Frost Salamander.
Frost Worm - Monster: Frost Worm.

Galeb Duhr - Monsters: G-Monsters.
Galvan - Monsters: Magens.
Gambol - Monster: Gambol.
Gargoyle - Monsters: Gargoyles.
Gauntlet Guardian - Monsters: Guardian Familiars.
Gauth - Monster: Gauth.
Ghargatula - Monsters: Vile Devils.
Ghast - Monsters: Ghouls.
Ghost Brute Hound - Monsters: Libris Mortis Lenses I.
Ghost Rothe - Monsters: Faerun Monsters.
Ghostly Green Dragon - Monsters/Lenses: Faerunian Lenses.
Ghostly Visage - Monsters: Fiendish Symbionts.
Ghoul - Monsters: Ghouls.
Giant Bat - Monsters: Bats.
Giant Bee - Monster: Giant Bee.
Giant Bombardier Beetle - Monsters: Giant Beetles.
Giant Cockroach - Monster: Giant Cockroach.
Giant Crocodile - Monsters: Elephants and Lizards.
Giant Dragonfly - Monsters: Giant Dragonfly and Giant Firefly.
Giant Eagle - Monster: Giant Eagle.
Giant Fire Beetle - Monsters: Giant Beetles.
Giant Frog - Monsters: Random Animals.
Giant Maggot - Monsters: Underdark Monsters/Races.
Giant Octopus - Monsters: Cephalopods.
Giant Owl - Monster: Giant Owl.
Giant Praying Mantis - Monster: Giant Praying Mantis.
Giant Psurlon - Monsters: Psurlons.
Giant Queen Ant - Monsters: Giant Ants.
Giant Raccoon - Monsters: Random Animals.
Giant Rat - Monsters: Rats II.
Giant Soldier Ant - Monsters: Giant Ants.
Giant Stag Beetle - Monsters: Giant Beetles.
Giant Strider - Monsters: Assorted Faerun Monsters II.
Giant Squid - Monsters: Cephalopods.
Giant Wasp - Monster: Giant Wasp.
Giant Worker Ant - Monsters: Giant Ants.
Giant Zakharan Rat - Monsters: Rats II.
Gibbering Mouther - Monster: Gibbering Mouther.
Gigantic Rat - Monsters: Rats II.
Gigantopithecus - Monsters/Racial Templates: Apes and Monkeys.
Girallon - Monster: Girallon.
Girallon Necrocarnum Zombie - Lens/Monsters: Necrocarnum Zombies.
Gish - Monsters/NPCs: Githyanki.
Githyanki Captain - Monsters/NPCs: Githyanki.
Githyanki Soldier - Monsters/NPCs: Githyanki.
Githyanki Warrior - Monsters/NPCs: Githyanki.
Githzerai - Monster/NPC: Githzerai.
Glaahk - Monsters: Glaahks.
Glabrezu - Monster: Glabrezu.
Glimmerskin - Monsters: G-Monsters.
Glyptar - Monsters: Medusas.
Gnoll Barbarian - Racial Templates/NPCs: Races of the Wild.
Gnoll Warrior - Monsters/NPCs: Gnolls.
Gnoll Slave-Taker - Monsters/NPCs: Gnolls.
Goblin Necrocarnum Zombie - Lens/Monsters: Necrocarnum Zombies.
Goblin Skeleton - Treasure: Mantles and Robes.
Goblin Warrior - Monsters/NPCs: Goblinoids and Kobolds.
Goblin Zombie - Treasure: Mantles and Robes.
Gohlbrorn - Monster: Gohlbrorn.
Gold Dragon - Monster: Gold Dragon.
Gold Horror - Monsters: Clockwork Horrors.
Golden Lion - Treasure: Figurines of Wondrous Power.
Golden Protector - Monsters: Lammasus.
Golothoma - Monsters: Obyriths II.
Gorgon - Monster: Gorgon.
Goristro - Monsters: Demons IV.
Gravbeast - Monster: Gravbeast.
Gravecrawler - Monsters: More Undead.
Gravetouched Ghoul - Monsters: Libris Mortis Lenses I.
Gravorg - Monsters: G-Monsters.
Gray Elf Wizard - Monsters/NPCs: Elves II.
Gray Glutton - Monster: Gray Glutton.
Gray Jester - Monster: Gray Jester.
Gray Linnorm - Monsters: Linnorms.
Gray Ooze - Monsters: Ooze.
Gray Render - Monster: Gray Render.
Gray Render Zombie - Monsters: Zombies.
Gray Slaad - Monster: Gray Slaad.
Great Fihyr - Monsters: Fihyrs.
Great Old Master - Monsters: Neogi.
Greater Barghest - Monster: Barghest.
Greater Cyclops - Monsters: Cyclopes.
Greater Doppelganger - Monsters: Assorted Faerun Monsters IV.
Greater Peltast - Monsters: Peltasts.
Greater Shadow - Monster: Shadow.
Greater Spirit Centipede - Monster: Spirit Centipede.
Greater Stone Golem - Monsters: Stone Golems.
Green Abishai - Monsters: Abishais.
Green Dragon - Monster: Green Dragon.
Green Hag - Monster: Green Hag.
Green Slaad - Monster: Green Slaad.
Greenvise - Monsters: G-Monsters.
Grell - Monster: Grell.
Grick - Monster: Grick.
Griffon - Monster: Griffon.
Grig - Monsters: Sprites.
Grimalkin - Monsters: G-Monsters.
Grimlock - Monster: Grimlock.
Grizzly Mastodon - Monsters: Elephants and Lizards.
Gruesome Lurker - Monster: Gruesome Lurker.
Guard Bat - Monsters: Bats.
Guardian Naga - Monster: Guardian Naga.
Guardian Roamer - Monsters: Roamers.
Guecubu - Monsters: Loumara.
Guttersnipe - Monsters: Raggamoffyns.
Half-Earth Elemental Minotaur - Lenses/Monsters: Half-Elementals.
Half-Elf Monk/Shadowdancer Elite Vampire - Lens/Monsters: Vampires.
Half-Elf Swashbuckler - Monsters/NPCs: Elves I.
Half-Fey Centaur - Lens/Monster: Half-Fey/Half-Fey Centaur.
Half-Fiend Gnoll Warlock - Monsters/NPCs: Gnolls.
Half-Fiend Human Cleric - Lens/NPC: Half-Fiend/Half-Fiend Human Cleric.
Half-Giant Warrior - NPCs: Psionic Racial Examples.
Half-Scrag Water Demon - Monsters: Half-Trolls.
Half-Troll Barbazu - Monsters: Half-Trolls.
Hammer Archon - Monsters: Creatures of Stone.
Hardshell Warrior - Monsters: Turtlemen.
Hardy Carapace - Monsters: Illithid Symbionts.
Harginn (Fire Grue)- Monsters: Elemental Grues.
Harpy - Monsters: Harpies.
Harvester Devil (Falxugon) - Monster: Harvester Devil (Falxugon).
Hell Hound - Monsters: Hell Hounds.
Hell Hound Beast of Xvim - Monsters/Lenses: Faerunian Lenses.
Hellcat (Bezekira) - Monster: Hellcat (Bezekira).
Hellfire Wyrm - Monster: Hellfire Wyrm.
Hellwasp Swarm - Monsters: Swarms.
Helmed Horror - Monsters: Faerun Constructs.
Hezrou - Monster: Hezrou.
Hieracosphinx - Monster: Hieracosphinx.
High Elf Warrior - Monsters/NPCs: Elves I.
Highwayman - NPCs: Bandits.
Hill Dwarf Warrior - Monsters/NPCs: Dwarves.
Hill Giant - Monster: Hill Giant.
Hill Giant Dire Wereboar - Lenses/Monsters: Lycanthropes.
Hill Landwyrm - Monster: Hill Landwyrm.
Hippocampus - Monsters: Guards and Mounts.
Hippogriff - Monster: Hippogriff.
Holocaust Disciple (Fire Avatar) - Monsters: Avatars of Elemental Evil.
Homunculus - Monster: Homunculus.
Hooded Pupil Ettin - Monsters: Libris Mortis Non-Undead.
Hook Horror - Monster: Hook Horror.
Hordling - Monster: Hordling.
Horned Felldrake - Monsters: Felldrakes.
Hornhead - Monsters: Saurials.
Hound Archon - Monsters: Archons.
Hound Archon Hero - Monster: Hound Archon Hero.
House Brownie - Monster: House Brownie.
Howler - Monster: Howler.
Human Cleric Banelich - Lenses: Lich Variants.
Human Commoner Skeleton - Treasure: Mantles and Robes.
Human Commoner Zombie - Treasure: Mantles and Robes.
Human Fighter Ghost - Lens/Monster: Ghost/Human Fighter Ghost.
Human Fighter Vampire - Lens/Monsters: Vampires.
Human Necrocarnum Zombie - Lens/Monsters: Necrocarnum Zombies.
Human Warrior Skeleton - Monsters: Skeletons.
Human Wizard Lich - Lens/Monster: Lich.
Humanoid Sliver - Monsters: Slivers.
Hunting Bat - Monsters: Bats.
Husk Spider - Lens/Monster: Husk Vermin/Husk Spider.
Hypnos - Monsters: Magens.

Ice Beast Gargoyle - Lens/Monster: Ice Beast.
Ice Demon - Monsters: Elemental Demons.
Ice Devil (Gelugon) - Monster: Ice Devil (Gelugon).
Ice Mephit - Monster: Ice Mephit.
Ice Paraelemental - Monster: Ice Paraelemental.
Icebreath Roamer - Monsters: Roamers.
Immoth - Monster: Immoth.
Imp - Monsters: Imps.
Imp (Classic Doom) - Monsters: Imps.
Imp (Modern Doom) - Monsters: Imps.
Incarnum Dragon - Monster: Incarnum Dragon.
Incarnum Golem - Monsters: Incarnum Monsters.
Incarnum Wraith - Monsters: Incarnum Monsters.
Incubus - Monster: Incubus.
Indricothere - Monsters: Random Animals.
Ineffable Horror - Monster: Ineffable Horror.
Infernal (Chaotic) - Monster: Infernal.
Infernal (Lawful) - Monster: Infernal.
Infernal Conflagration Ooze - Monster: Conflagration Ooze.
Inferno Bat - Monsters: Bats.
Inferno Wyrm - Monsters: Artilas.
Intellect Devourer - Monster: Intellect Devourer.
Invisible Stalker - Monster: Invisible Stalker.
Iridescent Serpent - Monsters: Astral Constructs.
Iron Golem - Monster: Iron Golem.
Iron Gorgon - Monsters: Gorgons.
Ivory Goat of Terror - Treasure: Figurines of Wondrous Power.
Ivory Goat of Travail - Treasure: Figurines of Wondrous Power.
Ivory Goat of Traveling - Treasure: Figurines of Wondrous Power.
Ixitxachitl, Average - Monsters: Ixitxachitl.

J'ez - Monsters: Tohr-Kreen.
Jarilith - Monsters: Demons II.
Jermlaine - Monsters: J-Monsters.
Juggernaut - Monsters: J-Monsters.
Julajimus - Monsters: J-Monsters.
Juvenile Nabassu - Monsters: Demons V.

Kalabon - Monster: Kalabon.
Kamaitachi - Monster: Kamaitachi
Kapoacinth - Monsters: Gargoyles.
Kelvezu - Monsters: Demons II.
Kezreth - Monster: Kezreth.
Kigrid - Monsters: Illithidae.
Klurichir - Monsters: Demons III.
Kobold Warrior - Monsters/NPCs: Goblinoids and Kobolds.
Kobold Zombie - Monsters: Zombies.
Kocrachon - Monsters: Vile Devils.
Kolyarut - Monster: Kolyarut.
Kopru - Monster: Kopru.
Kraken - Monster: Kraken.
Krenshar - Monster: Krenshar.
Kruel (Danartha) - Monster: Kruel (Danartha).
Kyshakk - Monsters: Kyshakks.
Kython, Adult - Monsters: Kythons.
Kython, Juvenile - Monsters: Kythons.
Kython Broodling - Monsters: Kythons.
Kython Impaler - Monsters: Kythons.
Kython Slaughterking - Monsters: Kythons.
Kython Slaymaster - Monsters: Kythons.

Lacedon - Monsters: Ghouls.
Laghathti - Monster: Obyriths.
Lamia - Monster: Lamia.
Lammasu - Monsters: Lammasus.
Lantern Archon - Monsters: Archons.
Least Spirit Centipede - Monster: Spirit Centipede.
Legendary Bear - Monsters: Legendary Animals.
Legendary Eagle - Monsters: Legendary Animals.
Legendary Horse - Monsters: Legendary Animals.
Legendary Shark - Monsters: Legendary Animals.
Legendary Snake - Monsters: Legendary Animals.
Legendary Tiger - Monsters: Legendary Animals.
Legendary Wolf - Monsters: Legendary Animals.
Legion Devil (Merregon) - Monsters: Devils II.
Lemure - Monster: Lemure.
Leonal - Mosnter: Leonal.
Leopard - Monsters: Felines.
Lesser Cyclops - Monsters: Cyclopes.
Lesser Nightmare - Monsters: Exotic Steeds.
Lesser Spirit Centipede - Monster: Spirit Centipede.
Leucrotta - Monsters: Leucrottas.
Lifeleech Otyugh - Monster: Lifeleech Otyugh.
Lightfoot Halfling Warrior - Monsters/NPCs: Halflings.
Lightning Quasi-Elemental - Monster: Lightning Quasi-Elemental.
Lightning Rat - Monsters: Rats II.
Lilitu - Monsters: Demons V.
Lillend - Monster: Lillend.
Living Zombie Moon Elf Warrior - Monsters: Ruinous Monsters/Races.
Lizard - Monsters: Elephants and Lizards.
Lizardfolk Warrior - Racial Templates: Lizardfolk.
Locathah - Monster: Locathah.
Lolth-Touched Bebilith - Lens/Monsters: Lolth-Touched Creatures.
Lolth-Touched Drow Ranger - Lens/Monsters: Lolth-Touched Creatures.
Lolth-Touched Monstrous Hunting Spider - Lens/Monsters: Lolth-Touched Creatures.
Lost Human Commoner - Monsters/Lenses: Incarnum Lenses.
Lung Wang (Sea Dragon) - Monster: Lung Wang (Sea Dragon).
Lupinal - Monsters: Guardinals.
Lurker Above - Monster: Lurker Above.
Lystrosaurus - Monster: Lystrosaurus.

Madcrafter of Thoon - Monster: Madcrafter of Thoon.
Maedar - Monsters: Medusas.
Magma Paraelemental - Monster: Magma Paraelemental.
Magmin - Monster: Magmin.
Malebranche - Monster: Malebranche.
Malenti - Monsters: Sahuagins.
Malwrath - Monsters: Cacodemons.
Man-Eater - Monsters: Manticores.
Marraenoloth - Monsters: Yugoloths.
Marrash - Monsters: M-Monsters.
Marut - Monster: Marut.
Mature Nabassu - Monsters: Demons V.
Maur (Hunched Giant) - Monsters: Faerunian Giants.
Maurezhi - Monsters: Demons III.
Medusa Animus Shade - Lens/Monster: Animus Shade.
Meenlock - Monsters: M-Monsters.
Megalodon - Monsters: M-Monsters.
Menta Cyclopean - Monsters: Cyclopes.
Merfolk Warrior - Racial Template: Merfolk.
Metalmaster - Monster: Metalmaster.
Midnight Construct - Sorcery: Incarnum Spells.
Mighty Gorgon - Monsters: Gorgons.
Milesian Spearman - Racial Templates/NPCs: Humans of Dominions.
Mimic - Monster: Mimic.
Mind Flayer (Illithid) - Monsters: Mind Flayers (Illithids).
Mind Flayer Sorcerer - Monsters: Mind Flayers (Illithids).
Mind Flayer Vampire - Monster: Mind Flayer Vampire.
Mind Worm - Monster: Mind Worm.
Mindwitness (Half-Illithid Beholder) - Monster: Mindwitness (Half-Illithid Beholder).
Mineral Quasi-Elemental - Monster: Mineral Quasi-Elemental.
Minicore - Monsters: Manticores.
Minotaur - Monster: Minotaur.
Minotaur of Legend - Monsters: M-Monsters.
Minotaur Zombie - Monsters: Zombies.
Mnemonicus - Monsters: Illithid Symbionts.
Mnemor - Monster: Mnemor.
Mohrg - Monster: Mohrg
Molydeus - Monsters: Demons V.
Monstrous Crab - Monsters: Monstrous Crabs.
Monstrous Diving Spider - Monsters: Monstrous Diving Spiders.
Monstrous Hunter Spider - Monsters: Monstrous Spiders.
Monstrous Scorpion - Monsters: Monstrous Scorpions.
Monstrous Web-Spinner Spider - Monsters: Monstrous Spiders.
Moonbeast - Monsters: M-Monsters.
Moonrat - Monsters: Rats II.
Mosasaur - Monsters: Dire Aquatic Animals.
Mountain Dwarf Crossbowman - Monsters/NPCs: Dwarves.
Mountain Giant - Monsters: More Giants.
Mountain Wemic - Monsters: Assorted Faerun Monsters IX.
Mozgriken (Half-Illithid Svirfneblin) - Monster: Mozgriken (Half-Illithid Svirfneblin).
Muckdweller - Monster: Muckdweller.
Mudman - Monster: Mudman.
Mummified Ogre - Monsters: Libris Mortis Lenses I.
Mummy - Monsters: Mummies.
Mummy Lord - Monsters: Mummies.
Mur-Zhagul (Demon Troll) - Monsters: Unapproachable East Trolls.
Mustard Jelly - Monster: Mustard Jelly.
Muuch - Racial Templates/NPCs: Zotz and Muuch.
Myconid Average Worker - Monsters: Myconids.
Myconid Circle Leader - Monsters: Myconids.
Myconid Elder Worker - Monsters: Myconids.
Myconid Guard - Monsters: Myconids.
Myconid Junior Worker - Monsters: Myconids.
Myconid Sovereign - Monsters: Myconids.
Mystaran Ruby Dragon - Monster: Mystaran Ruby Dragon.

Nalfeshnee - Monster: Nalfeshnee.
Nashrou - Monsters: Monster Manual IV Demons.
Necromancer Knuckles - Monsters: Hands and Arms.
Necropolitan Human Cultist - Monsters: Libris Mortis Lenses II.
Needlefolk - Monster: Needlefolk.
Neh-Thalggu (Brain Collector) - Monster: Neh-Thalggu (Brain Collector).
Neogi - Monsters: Neogi.
Neogi Defiler - Monsters: Neogi.
Neogi Slavemaster - Monsters: Neogi.
Neogi Sorcerer - Monsters: Neogi.
Neogi Spawn - Monsters: Neogi.
Neothelid - Monster: Neothelid.
Neothelid Overlord - Monster: Neothelid Overlord.
Nereid - Monsters: Stormwrack Monsters III.
Nerve Swimmers - Monster: Nerve Swimmers.
Nessian Warhound - Monsters: Hell Hounds.
Night Dragon - Monster: Night Dragon.
Night Hag - Monster: Night Hag.
Night Hunter - Monsters: Deep Bats.
Nightcrawler - Monster: Nightcrawler.
Nightmare - Monsters: Nightmares.
Nightmare Beast - Monsters: Monster Manual II Leftovers I.
Nightmare Imp - Monsters: Imps.
Nightwalker - Monster: Nightwalker.
Nightwing - Monster: Nightwing.
Nilshai - Monster: Nilshai.
Nishruu - Monsters: Assorted Faerun Monsters VII.
Nixie - Monsters: Sprites.
Noble Djinni - Monsters: Djinn.
Noble Salamander - Monsters: Salamanders.
Nymph - Monster: Nymph.
Nyraala Golem - Monster: Nyraala Golem.
Obsidian Werejaguar - Lenses/Monsters: More Lycanthropes.
Ocean Giant - Monsters: More Giants.
Ocean Strider - Monsters: O-Monsters.
Ochre Jelly - Monsters: Ooze.
Octopin - Monster: Octopin.
Odontogriphus - Monsters: Random Animals.
Ogre Acid Zombie - Monster/Lens: Acid Zombie.
Ogre Barbarian - Monsters/NPCs: Ogres.
Ogre Mage - Monster: Ogre Mage.
Ogre Tribesman - Monsters/NPCs: Ogres.
Ogre Zombie - Monsters: Zombies.
Olive Slime - Monster: Olive Slime.
Ooze Paraelemental - Monster: Ooze Paraelemental.
Otyugh - Monster: Otyugh.
Owl Archon - Monsters: Archons II.
Owlbear - Monster: Owlbear.
Owlbear Skeleton - Monsters: Skeletons.

Pack Lizard - Monsters: Lizards.
Pain Devil (Excruciarch) - Monsters: Devils II.
Painajai - Monster: Painajai.
Pale Flenser - Monster: Pale Flenser.
Palrethee - Monsters: Demons.
Pan Lung (Coiled Dragon) - Monster: Pan Lung (Coiled Dragon).
Paragon Mind Flayer - Lens/Monster: Paragon Creature/Paragon Mind Flayer.
Pegasus - Monster: Pegasus.
Peltast - Monsters: Peltasts.
Pest Swarm - Monster: Pest Swarm.
Phaerlin Giant - Monsters: Faerunian Giants.
Phantom Fungus - Monster: Phantom Fungus.
Phase Spider - Monster: Phase Spider.
Pit Fiend - Monster: Pit Fiend.
Plague Blight - Monsters: Libris Mortis Undead IV.
Planetar - Monsters: Angels.
Plated Artila - Monsters: Artilas.
Plated Clawbug - Monsters: Clawbugs.
Platinum Horror - Monsters: Clockwork Horrors.
Polar Karkanak - Monsters: Crab People.
Polluted Water Elemental - Monster: Polluted Water Elemental.
Protectar - Monster: Protectar.
Pseudodragon - Monster: Pseudodragon.
Pseudonatural Hippogriff - Lens/Monster: Pseudonatural Creature/Pseudonatural Hippogriff.
Psicrystal - Powers: Psicrystals.
Psion-Killer - Monster: Psion-Killer.
Psionic Elemental - Monster: Psionic Elemental.
Psurlon, Average - Monsters: Psurlons.
Pulverizer - Monsters: Automatons.
Puppeteer - Monsters: Puppeteers.
Purple Worm - Monster: Purple Worm.
Pyroroamer - Monsters: Roamers.

Quaggoth War Leader - Monsters: Underdark Monsters/Races.
Quasit - Monster: Quasit.

Radiance Quasi-Elemental - Monster: Radiance Quasi-Elemental.
Rainbow Dragon - Monster: Rainbow Dragon.
Rakshasa - Monster: Rakshasa.
Rat - Monsters: Rats.
Rat Swarm - Monsters: Swarms.
Rattelyr Dragon - Monster: Rattelyr Dragon.
Raven - Monsters: Dogs and Birds.
Ravid - Monster: Ravid.
Razor Boar - Monster: Razor Boar.
Reason Stealer - Monsters: R-Monsters.
Red Abishai - Monsters: Abishais.
Red Dragon - Monster: Red Dragon.
Red Ethergaunt - Monsters: Ethergaunts.
Red Neo-Orog - Monsters: Orcish Halfbreeds.
Red Slaad - Monster: Red Slaad.
Red Sundew - Monsters: R-Monsters.
Revived Fossil Megaraptor - Monsters: Libris Mortis Lenses II.
Rhinoceros - Monsters: Rhinoceroses.
Riding Dog - Monsters: Dogs and Birds.
Riding Lizard - Monsters: Lizards.
Ripper - Monster: Ripper.
Roamer - Monsters: Roamers.
Roc - Monster: Roc.
Rock Gnome Warrior - Monsters/NPCs: Gnomes.
Rock Reptile - Monster: Rock Reptile.
Rogue Eidolon - Monsters: R-Monsters.
Roper - Monster: Roper.
Rukarazyll - Monsters: R-Monsters.
Runic Guardian - Monsters: R-Monsters.
Rutterkin - Monsters: Vile Demons.

Sahuagin - Monsters: Sahuagins.
Sahuagin Mutant - Monsters: Sahuagins.
Salt Quasi-Elemental - Monster: Salt Quasi-Elemental.
Saltor - Monsters: Illithidae.
Sand Dragon - Monster: Sand Dragon.
Sand Giant - Monster: Sand Giant.
Sand Giant Champion - Monster: Sand Giant.
Sapphire Dragon - Monster: Sapphire Dragon.
Sartani - Monsters: Crab People.
Satyr - Monster: Satyr.
Savage Cryoa - Monsters: Fyoras and Cryoas.
Savage Yaggol - Monsters: Yaggol.
Scalos - Monsters: Magens.
Scorpicore - Monsters: Manticores.
Scorpionfolk - Monster: Scorpionfolk.
Scrag - Monsters: Trolls.
Scum Creeper - Monster: Scum Creeper.
Scyllan - Monsters: Stormwrack Monsters IV.
Scyther of Thoon - Monster: Scyther of Thoon.
Sea Cat - Monster: Sea Cat.
Sea Hag - Monster: Sea Hag.
Sea Snake - Monsters: Sea Snakes.
Sea-Dasher Octopus - Monster: Sea-Dasher Octopus.
Searing Artila - Monsters: Artilas.
Seismosaurus - Monsters: Dinosaurs.
Sepulchral Thief - Lens/Monster: Sepulchral Thief.
Serpentine Owl - Treasure: Figurines of Wondrous Power.
Seugathi - Monster: Seugathi.
Seugathi Savant - Monster: Seugathi Savant.
Serval (Savannah Wildcat) - Monsters: Felines.
Shadow - Monster: Shadow.
Shadow Demon - Monsters: Vile Demons.
Shadow Dragon - Monster: Shadow Dragon.
Shadow Drake - Monster: Shadow Drake.
Shadow Eft - Monster: Shadow Eft.
Shadow Elemental - Monster: Shadow Elemental.
Shadow Flayer - Monster: Shadow Flayer.
Shadow Mastiff - Monster: Shadow Mastiff.
Shadow Spider - Monsters: S-Monsters.
Shadow-Walker Human Rogue - Monsters/Lenses: Unapproachable East Lenses I.
Shark-Kin - Monster: Shark-Kin.
Sheet Phantom - Monsters: Sheet Phantom and Sheet Ghoul.
Shen Lung (Spirit Dragon) - Monster: Shen Lung (Spirit Dragon).
Shield Guardian - Monster: Shield Guardian.
Shimmering Wrath - Monster: Shimmering Wrath.
Shrapnyl - Monsters: Raggamoffyns.
Shrieker - Monsters: Fungi.
Shrieking Hag - Monsters: Unapproachable East Hags.
Shock Trall - Monsters: War Tralls.
Shocker Lizard - Monster: Shocker Lizard.
Sibriex - Monster: Obyriths.
Sibyllic Guardian - Monster: Sibyllic Guardian.
Siege Golem - Monster: Siege Golem.
Silent Carapace - Monsters: Illithid Symbionts.
Silver Dragon - Monster: Silver Dragon.
Sinister - Monsters: Deep Bats.
Skeletal Mature Adult Black Dragon - Monsters/Lenses: Lesser Undead Dragons.
Slaymate - Monsters: Libris Mortis Undead VI.
Slippery Carapace - Monsters: Illithid Symbionts.
Slithering Tracker - Monster: Slithering Tracker.
Slivr (MTG) - Monsters: Slivers.
Smilodon (Saber-Toothed Tiger) - Monsters: Felines.
Smoke Paraelemental - Monster: Smoke Paraelemental.
Snapping Turtle - Monsters: Aquatic Animals.
Solar - Monsters: Angels.
Song Dragon - Monster: Song Dragon.
Soulfused Flesh Golem - Monsters/Lenses: Incarnum Lenses.
Soulspark - Monster: Soulspark.
Spark Guardian - Monsters: Guardian Familiars.
Spawn of Kyuss - Monsters: More Undead.
Spectral Cacodemon - Monsters: Cacodemons.
Spectral Savant - Monster: Spectral Savant.
Spectral Vlish - Monsters: Vlish.
Spectre - Monster: Spectre.
Spell Weaver - Monsters: S-Monsters.
Spiked Felldrake - Monsters: Felldrakes.
Spinosaurus - Monsters: Dinosaurs.
Spirit of the Air - Monster: Spirit of the Air.
Spirit of the Land - Monsters: S-Monsters.
Spitting Crawler - Monsters: Lizards.
Spitting Felldrake - Monsters: Felldrakes.
Spirit Naga - Monster: Spirit Naga.
Squid - Monsters: Cephalopods.
Stained Glass Golem - Monsters: Golems.
Steam Quasi-Elemental - Monster: Steam Quasi-Elemental.
Stingtail - Monsters: Asabis.
Stirge - Monster: Stirge.
Stone Courser - Treasure: S-Items II.
Stone Destrier - Treasure: S-Items II.
Stone Drake - Monsters: Creatures of Stone.
Stone Giant - Monster: Stone Giant.
Stone Giant Elder - Monster: Stone Giant.
Stone Golem - Monsters: Stone Golems.
Stone Spike - Monsters: S-Monsters.
Stony Devil (Mineral Warrior Hamatula) - Monster: Stony Devil (Mineral Warrior Hamatula).
Storm Elemental - Monster: Storm Elemental.
Storm Giant - Monster: Storm Giant.
Stormcloud of Thoon - Monster: Stormcloud of Thoon.
Strongarm Carpace - Monsters: Illithid Symbionts.
Sun Giant - Monsters: More Giants.
Surface Rothe - Monsters: Faerun Monsters.
Svirfneblin Warrior - Monsters/NPCs: Gnomes.
Swamp Artila - Monsters: Artilas.
Swamplight Lynx - Monsters: S-Monsters.
Sword Archon - Monsters: Archons II.
Synesis - Monster: Synesis.

Taint Elemental - Monster: Taint Elemental.
Tall Mouther - Monsters: Shining South Monsters.
Tallfellow Sneak - Monsters/NPCs: Halflings.
Tatterdemanimal - Monsters: Raggamoffyns.
Tauric Hobgoblin-Griffon - Monsters: T-Monsters.
Tempestan - Monsters: Elemental Stewards.
Temporal Filcher - Monster: Temporal Filcher.
Tendriculos - Monster: Tendriculos.
Tentamort - Monster: Tentamort.
Teratomorph - Monsters: T-Monsters.
Terror Vlish - Monsters: Vlish.
Thahd - Monsters: Thahds.
Thahd Shade - Monsters: Thahds.
The Thing from the Lake - Monster: The Thing from the Lake.
Thomil Earth Elemental - Monsters/Lenses: Unapproachable East Lenses II.
Thoon Disciple - Monster/NPC: Thoon Disciple.
Thoon Elder Brain - Monster: Thoon Elder Brain.
Thoon Hulk - Monster: Thoon Hulk.
Thoon Infiltrator - Monster: Thoon Infiltrator.
Thoon Soldier - Monster: Thoon Soldier.
Thoon Thrall - Lens/Monster: Thoon Thrall.
Thoqqua - Monster: Thoqqua.
Thought Eater - Monsters: Thought Eaters.
Thought Slayer - Monsters: Thought Eaters.
Thri-Kreen - Monster: Thri-Kreen.
Throne Archon - Monsters: Archons III.
Thunder Wolf - Monster: Thunder Wolf.
T'ien Lung (Celestial Dragon) - Monster: T'ien Lung (Celestial Dragon).
Titan - Monster: Titan.
Titanic Toad - Monsters: T-Monsters.
Toad - Monsters: Assorted Animals.
Tojanida - Monster: Tojanida.
Topaz Dragon - Monster: Topaz Dragon.
Tortle Warrior - Monsters: Turtlemen.
Totem Giant - Monsters: Incarnum Monsters.
Trapper - Monster: Trapper.
Treant - Monster: Treant.
Triton (Dominions) - Racial Templates/NPCs: Aquatic Races of Dominions.
Troglodyte - Monster: Troglodyte.
Troglodyte Zombie - Monsters: Zombies.
Troll - Monsters: Trolls.
Troll Hunter - Monsters: Trolls.
Troll Necrocarnum Zombie - Lens/Monsters: Necrocarnum Zombies.
Troll Skeleton - Monsters: Skeletons.
Truly Horrid Umber Hulk - Monster: Umber Hulk.
Trumpet Archon - Monsters: Archons.
Tsochar - Monster: Tsochar.
Tsochar Strand - Monster: Tsochar.
Tun Mi Lung (Typhoon Dragon) - Monster: Tun Mi Lung (Typhoon Dragon).
Turtleman Warrior - Monsters: Turtlemen.
Twig Blight - Monster: Twig Blight.
Two-Headed Adder - Monsters: Faerun Monsters.
Tyrantfog Zombie - Monsters: Assorted Faerun Monsters IX.
Tzakandi (Half-Illithid Lizardfolk) - Monster: Tzakandi (Half-Illithid Lizardfolk).

Uchuulon (Slime Chuul) - Monster: Uchuulon (Slime Chuul).
Udoroot - Monster: Udoroot.
Uinuja - Monster: Uinuja.
Ulitharid - Monster: Ulitharid.
Umber Hulk - Monster: Umber Hulk.
Umber Hulk Zombie - Monsters: Zombies.
Umbral Displacer Beast - Monsters: Libris Mortis Lenses II.
Unbodied - Monster: Unbodied.
Unbound - Monsters: Drayks.
Unicorn - Monsters: Unicorns.
Unstable Firebolt - Monsters: Wingbolts.
Unstable Thahd - Monsters: Thahds.
Uobilyth (Aerial Aboleth) - Monsters: Aboleths.
Ur-Drakon - Monsters: Drayks.
Ur-Glaahk - Monsters: Glaahks.

Vaath - Monster: Vaath.
Vacuum Quasi-Elemental - Monster: Vacuum Quasi-Elemental.
Vampire Bat - Monsters: Bats.
Vampire Spawn - Lens/Monsters: Vampires.
Vampire Squid - Monster: Vampire Squid.
Vampiric Ixitxachitl - Monsters: Ixitxachitl.
Vayuphak - Monster: Vayuphak.
Venomous Artila - Monsters: Artilas.
Vilewight - Monsters: Vile Undead.
Violet Fungus - Monsters: Fungi.
Vivacious Dire Tiger - Lens/Monster: Vivacious Creature.
Vorr - Monsters: More Demonic Foes.
Vrock - Monster: Vrock.

Walking Statue of Waterdeep - Monsters: Faerun Constructs.
Wall-Walker - Monster: Wall-Walker.
War Bat - Monsters: Bats.
War Pony - Monsters: Assorted Animals.
War Trall - Monsters: War Tralls.
Warden Archon - Monsters: Archons III.
Water Element Tiger - Monsters: Element Creatures.
Water Elemental - Monster: Water Elemental.
Water Elementite Swarm - Monsters: Elementite Swarms.
Water Gen - Sorcery: Sha'ir Spellcasting.
Water Mephit - Monster: Water Mephit.
Water Monolith - Monsters: Elemental Monoliths.
Water Naga - Monster: Water Naga.
Waterveiled Assassin (Water Avatar) - Monsters: Avatars of Elemental Evil.
Weasel - Monsters: Weasels.
Wheep - Monster: Wheep.
White Abishai - Monsters: Abishais.
White Dragon - Monster: White Dragon.
White Ethergaunt - Monsters: Ethergaunts.
White Pudding - Monsters: Ooze.
Wight - Monster: Wight.
Wild Elf Berserker - Monsters/NPCs: Elves II.
Will-o'-wisp - Monster: Will-o'-wisp.
Wingbolt - Monsters: Wingbolts.
Winged Viper - Monsters: Faerun Monsters.
Wood Element Leopard - Monsters: Element Creatures.
Wood Elf Archer - Monsters/NPCs: Elves II.
Wood Elf Lythari - Lenses/Monsters: Lycanthropes.
Wooly Karkanak - Monsters: Crab People.
Woolly Mammoth - Monsters: Elephants and Lizards.
Worg - Monster: Worg.
Worg Necrocarnum Zombie - Lens/Monsters: Necrocarnum Zombies.
Wortling - Monsters: O-Monsters.
Wrackspawn - Monsters: More Demonic Foes.
Wraith - Monsters: Wraiths.
Wraith Spider - Monsters: Wraith Spiders.
Xixecal - Monster: Xixecal.
Xorn - Monster: Xorn.
Xvart Warrior - Monster/Racial Template: Xvart.

Yagnoloth - Monsters: Yugoloths.
Yochlol - Monsters: Demons V.
Young Adult Red Dragon Skeleton - Monsters: Skeletons.
Yrthak - Monster: Yrthak.
Yu Lung (Carp Dragon) - Monster: Yu Lung (Carp Dragon).
Yuan-Ti Abomination - Monsters: Yuan-Ti.
Yuan-Ti Broodguard - Monsters/Lenses: Faerunian Lenses.
Yuan-Ti Halfblood - Monsters: Yuan-Ti.
Yuan-Ti Pureblood - Monsters: Yuan-Ti.
Yuan-Ti Tainted One - Monsters/Lenses: Faerunian Lenses.
Zaratanling - Monsters: Turtlemen.
Zeitgeist - Monster: Zeitgeist.
Zelekhut - Monster: Zelekhut.
Zombie Young Adult White Dragon - Monsters/Lenses: Lesser Undead Dragons.
Zovvut - Monsters: Demons.


Acid Zombie - Monster/Lens: Acid Zombie.
Aleax - Lens: Aleax.
Alter Ego - Lens/Monster: Alter Ego.
Anarchic Creature - Lens/Monsters: Anarchic Creature.
Axiomatic Creature - Lens/Monsters: Axiomatic Creatures.
Bleak One - Monster: Gray Jester.
Bloodthirsty Zombie - Lenses: Libris Mortis Lenses III.
Dread Echohusk - Monsters/Lenses: Echohusks.
Good Lich - Lenses: Lich Variants.
Half-Earth Elemental - Lenses/Monsters: Half-Elementals.
Half-Fire Elemental - Lenses/Monsters: Half-Elementals.
Half-Vampire - Monsters: Half-Undead.
Half-Water Elemental - Lenses/Monsters: Half-Elementals.
Lightning Skeleton - Lenses: Libris Mortis Lenses III.
Lolth-Touched Creature - Lens/Monsters: Lolth-Touched Creatures.
Mystaran Hollow World Jaguar - Lenses/Monsters: More Lycanthropes.
Necrocarnum Zombie - Lens/Monsters: Necrocarnum Zombies.
Sepulchral Thief - Lens/Monster: Sepulchral Thief.
Shadow Creature - Monsters/Lens: Shadow Creature.
Slime Creature - Monster: Olive Slime.
Swarmform Vampire - Lenses: Libris Mortis Lenses III.
Zombie Dragon - Monsters/Lenses: Lesser Undead Dragons.

Racial Templates

Aarakocra - Monster: Aarakocra.
Aleithian Dwarf - Racial Templates: Dwarves.
Aquatic Dwarf - Racial Templates: Dwarves.
Aquatic Gnome - Racial Templates: Gnomes.
Aquatic Goblin - Racial Templates: Goblinoids.
Aquatic Half-Elf - Racial Templates: Half-Elves.
Aquatic Half-Orc - Racial Templates: Half-Orcs.
Aquatic Halfling - Racial Templates: Halflings.
Aquatic Human - Racial Templates: Humans.
Aquatic Kobold - Racial Templates: Kobolds.
Aquatic Orc - Racial Templates: Orcs.
Avariel (Winged Elf) - Racial Templates: Elves.
Badger Hengeyokai - Racial Templates: Hengeyokai.
Badlands Dwarf - Racial Templates: Dwarves.
Black Neo-Orog - Monsters: Orcish Halfbreeds.
Blackscale Lizardfolk - Racial Templates: Lizardfolk.
Blackshell - Monsters: Turtlemen.
Bladeback - Monsters: Saurials.
Brute Crocodilian - Racial Templates: Lizardfolk.
Carp Hengeyokai - Racial Templates: Hengeyokai.
Cat Hengeyokai - Racial Templates: Hengeyokai.
Chameleon Man (Wallara) - Racial Templates: Lizardfolk.
Chaos Gnome - Racial Templates: Gnomes.
Crab Hengeyokai - Racial Templates: Hengeyokai.
Crane Hengeyokai - Racial Templates: Hengeyokai.
Crypt Kobold - Racial Templates: Kobolds.
Deep Halfling - Racial Templates: Halflings.
Deepwyrm Drow - Racial Templates: Elves.
Deepwyrm Half-Drow - Racial Templates: Half-Elves.
Desert Cyclops - Monsters: Cyclopes.
Desert Dwarf - Racial Templates: Dwarves.
Desert Gnome - Racial Templates: Gnomes.
Desert Half-Elf - Racial Templates: Half-Elves.
Desert Half-Orc - Racial Templates: Half-Orcs.
Desert Halfling - Racial Templates: Halflings.
Desert Kobold - Racial Templates: Kobolds.
Desert Orc - Racial Templates: Orcs.
Dog Hengeyokai - Racial Templates: Hengeyokai.
Drow (Dark Elf) - Racial Templates: Elves.
Duergar (Gray Dwarf) - Racial Templates: Dwarves.
Duskling - Monsters: Dusklings.
Dust Quasigenasi - Racial Templates: Planetouched.
Earth Kobold - Racial Templates: Kobolds.
Empty Vessel - Racial Templates: Humans.
Faun - Monster: Faun.
Feral-Kind Cyclopean - Monsters: Cyclopes.
Feytouched - Monster: Feytouched.
Finhead - Monsters: Saurials.
Fire Hobgoblin - Racial Templates: Goblinoids.
Fireblood Dwarf - Racial Templates: Dwarves.
Forest Gnome - Racial Templates: Gnomes.
Forestkith Goblin - Racial Templates: Goblinoids.
Forestlord Elf - Racial Templates: Elves.
Forestlord Half-Elf - Racial Templates: Half-Elves.
Fox Hengeyokai - Racial Templates: Hengeyokai.
Frostblood Half-Orc - Racial Templates: Half-Orcs.
Frostblood Orc - Racial Templates: Orcs.
Ghostwise Halfling - Racial Templates: Halflings.
Glacier Dwarf - Racial Templates: Dwarves.
Glimmerskin Halfling - Racial Templates: Halflings.
Hardshell - Monsters: Turtlemen.
Hare Hengeyokai - Racial Templates: Hengeyokai.
Hornhead - Monsters: Saurials.
Hueleneaer (Desert Centaur) - Racial Templates: Centaurs.
Illaeli Elf - Racial Templates: Elves.
Island Iguanid - Racial Templates: Lizardfolk.
Jungle Dwarf - Racial Templates: Dwarves.
Jungle Gnome - Racial Templates: Gnomes.
Jungle Half-Elf - Racial Templates: Half-Elves.
Jungle Half-Orc - Racial Templates: Half-Orcs.
Jungle Halfling - Racial Templates: Halflings.
Jungle Kobold - Racial Templates: Kobolds.
Jungle Orc - Racial Templates: Orcs.
Lesser Cyclops - Monsters: Cyclopes.
Lightfoot Halfling - Racial Templates: Halflings.
Lightning Quasigenasi - Racial Templates: Planetouched.
Magma Paragenasi - Racial Templates: Planetouched.
Master Crocodilian - Racial Templates: Lizardfolk.
Menta Cyclopean - Monsters: Cyclopes.
Midgard Dwarf - Racial Templates: Dwarves.
Mineral Quasigenasi - Racial Templates: Planetouched.
Monkey Hengeyokai - Racial Templates: Hengeyokai.
Mountain Dwarf - Racial Templates: Dwarves.
Mountain Orc - Racial Templates: Orcs.
Neanderthal - Racial Templates: Humans.
Nomadic Centaur - Racial Templates: Centaurs.
Ogre Umbramage - Racial Templates: Ogres.
Ooze Paragenasi - Racial Templates: Planetouched.
Orog (Deep Orc) - Racial Templates: Orcs.
Painted Elf - Racial Templates: Elves.
Poison Dusk Lizardfolk - Racial Templates: Lizardfolk.
Raccoon Dog Hengeyokai - Racial Templates: Hengeyokai.
Radiance Quasigenasi - Racial Templates: Planetouched.
Rat Hengeyokai - Racial Templates: Hengeyokai.
River Gnome - Racial Templates: Gnomes.
Rockseer Elf - Racial Templates: Elves.
Salt Quasigenasi - Racial Templates: Planetouched.
Saqualaminoi - Racial Templates: Ogres.
Scablands Half-Orc - Racial Templates: Half-Orcs.
Seacliff Dwarf - Racial Templates: Dwarves.
Shield Dwarf - Racial Templates: Dwarves.
Shoal Halfling - Racial Templates: Halflings.
Silverbrow Human - Racial Templates: Humans.
Skullcrusher Ogre - Racial Templates: Ogres.
Smoke Paragenasi - Racial Templates: Planetouched.
Sparrow Hengeyokai - Racial Templates: Hengeyokai.
Steam Quasigenasi - Racial Templates: Planetouched.
Stonefire Dwarf - Racial Templates: Dwarves.
Stonehunter Gnome - Racial Templates: Gnomes.
Strongheart Halfling - Racial Templates: Halflings.
Sunscorch Hobgoblin - Racial Templates: Goblinoids.
Svirfneblin (Deep Gnome) - Racial Templates: Gnomes.
Tinker Gnome - Racial Templates: Gnomes.
Tundra Halfling - Racial Templates: Halflings.
Turtleman - Monsters: Turtlemen.
Umbragen (Shadow Elf) - Racial Templates: Elves.
Vacuum Quasigenasi - Racial Templates: Planetouched.
Venusian Lizardfolk - Racial Templates: Lizardfolk.
Viletooth Lizardfolk - Racial Templates: Lizardfolk.
Water Half-Orc - Racial Templates: Half-Orcs.
Water Halfling - Racial Templates: Halflings.
Wavecrest Gnome - Racial Templates: Gnomes.
Weasel Hengeyokai - Racial Templates: Hengeyokai.
Whisper Gnome - Racial Templates: Gnomes.
Wild Halfling - Racial Templates: Halflings.
Zaratanling - Monsters: Turtlemen.

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