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Monster: Satyr

Monster: Satyr

Satyrs wouldn't be that much interesting if not their ability to play magical tunes on their pan pipes. The tunes can sway emotions, cause sleep, and frighten subjects.

Satyr [Monster Manual, page 219]

140 points
Attribute Modifiers: DX+1 [20].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Per+3 [15].
Advantages: DR 1 (Tough Skin, -40%) [3]; DR 2 (Skull Only, -70%) [3]; Hooves [3]; Musical Ability 1 [5]; Night Vision 5 [5]; Silence 1 [5]; Striker (Crushing; Horns; Cannot Parry, -40%; Limited Arc, Front Only, -40%) [1].
                Pan Pipes (Alternative Abilities) [110]:
                Charm: Mind Control (Area Effect, 8 yards, +150%; Emanation, -20%; Emotion Control, -50%; Extended Duration, 10x, +40%; Hearing-Based, -20%; Linked Immunity, -10%; Magical, -10%; Requires Pan Pipes, -10%; Selective Area, +20%; Uses Musical Instrument (Pan Pipes) instead of IQ, +0%) [95].
                Fear: Terror (Hearing; Increased Immunity 1, -10%; Linked Immunity, -10%; Magical, -10%; Requires Pan Pipes, -10%; Selective Area, +20%) [24/5=5].
Sleep: Affliction 1 (Will; Area Effect, 8 yards, +150%; Based on Will, +20%; Emanation, -20%; Hearing-Based, -20%; Increased Immunity 3, -30%; Linked Immunity, -10%; Magical, -10%; Malediction 1, +100%; No Signature, +20%; Requires Pan Pipes, -10%; Selective Area, +20%; Sleep, +150%; Uses Musical Instrument (Pan Pipes) instead of IQ, +0%) [46/5=10]
Disadvantages: Compulsive Carousing (9) [-7]; Lecherousness (12) [-15]; Vulnerability (Cold Iron, x2) [-10].
Perks: Alcohol Tolerance [1]; Fur [1].
Creature Type: Fey.

Typical Stats

1 (tough skin), 4 (skull)
Dagger (13): 1d-3 impaling, Reach C.
Horns (14): 1d crushing, Reach C.
Short Bow (13): 1d-2 impaling, Acc 1, Range 150/200, RoF 1, Shots 1(2).
Pan Pipes (Alternative Abilities): Satyrs can play a variety of magical tunes on their pan pipes. Usually, only one satyr in a group carries pipes. In the hands of other beings, these pipes have no special powers. A creature that successfully saves against any of the pipe’s effects cannot be affected by the same set of pipes for 24 hours. A satyr often uses its pipes to charm and seduce especially comely women or to put a party of adventurers to sleep and then steal their valuables. The available effects are:
Charm: The satyr can play a charming melody that affects creatures within 8 yards of it. Any creatures can be excluded from the area of effect. Roll a Quick Contest of the satyr’s Musical Instrument (Pan Pipes) skill and the subjects’ Will. This roll is modified by range penalties to each subject, and a -1 per subject. In addition, the satyr can gain a +2 bonus, if it plays the tune for one full minute, or +4 if it plays the tune for an entire hour. If the satyr wins, it instills the affected subjects with any one emotion it chooses. There is no “game system” effect unless the GM feels it necessary, but subjects should roleplay it! Allowed emotions include anger, boredom, depression, disgust, fear, greed, hate, jealousy, joy, love, lust, patriotism, peace, sadness, and unrest. This effect persists for as long as the satyr keeps playing the pan pipes, and for 30 minutes per point by which it won the Quick Contest. If the satyr is incapacitated (stunned, knocked out, etc.), or attempts to force the subject to act against his principles, roll another Quick Contest. If the victim wins, he breaks free.
Fear: The satyr can play a frightening tune that forces creatures who hear it (the satyr can exlude any creatures it does not want to affect) to roll an immediate Fright Check (p. B360).
Sleep: This tune makes creatures within 8 yards that hear it fall asleep for margin of failure minutes, if they fail to resist in a Quick Contest of the satyr’s Musical Instrument (Pan Pipes) skill against their Will. After this, they can be woken normally, but they will not necessarily wake up right away, especially if already tired. The satyr can omit any creatures from the effect.

                Traits: Alcohol Tolerance; Compulsive Carousing (9); Fur; Hooves; Lecherousness (12); Musical Ability 1; Night Vision 5; Silence 1; Vulnerability (Cold Iron, x2).
Skills: Bow-13; Brawling-14; Carousing-16; Dancing-14; Knife-13; Musical Instrument (Pan Pipes)-14; Observation-14; Singing-14; Stealth-14.
Creature Type: Fey.

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