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Monster: Kuo-toa

Monster: Kuo-toa

I've always overlooked the kuo-toas, believing them to be just another aquatic race. Now I see that they are actually very interesting. They use exotic weapons that I've decided to represent as sasumata in GURPS terms, they can make objects very sticky (useful for creating traps and binding shields), launch lightning bolts when with a friend, and their vision is so acute that they can even quite reliably notice invisible beings.

Kuo-toa [Monster Manual, page 163]

207 points
Attributes: ST+1 [10]; HT+1 [10].
Secondary Characteristics: Basic Move -1 [-5].
Advantages: Acute Vision 15 [30]; Amphibious [10]; DR 1 (Tough Skin, -40%) [3]; Doesn’t Breathe (Gills) [10]; Enhanced Move 1 (Water) [20]; Immunity to Poison [15]; Infravision [10]; Pressure Support 2 [10]; Sharp Teeth [1]; Slippery 5 [10]; Speak Underwater [5].
                Adhesive: Binding 12 (Extended Duration, 30,000x, +180%; Immediate Preparation Required, 1 hour, -75%; Melee Attack, Reach C, Cannot Parry, -35%; Sticky, +20%; Only Damaged by Burning and Cutting, +20%; Trigger, Ingredients, -10%) [48].
Electricity Resistance: DR 5 (Includes Eyes, +10%; Includes Internal, +20%; Limited, Electricity, -40%; Tough Skin, -40%) [13].
Lightning Bolt: Burning Attack 2d (Accessibility, Only with a kuo-toa assistant, -10%; Cone, 1 yard, +60%; Costs 1 FP, -5%; Increased 1/2D Range, x5, +10%; Magical, -10%; Nuisance Effect, Behaves erratically around conductors, -5%; Reduced Range, 1/5, -20%; Side Effect, Stunning, +50%; Surge, +20%; Takes Recharge, 5 seconds, -10%) [17].
Disadvantage: Bad Smell [-10].
Features: Night Vision 5 [0].
Creature Type: Monstrous Humanoid.

Typical Stats
4 ground, 4 water

1 (tough skin), 5 (vs. electricity)
Pincer Staff Swing (13): 2d-1 crushing, Reach 1-2. Stats are as for sasumata, p. LT62.
Pincer Staff Thrust (13): 1d-2 cutting, Reach 1-2. Unbalanced. This attack enables the rules under Hook (p. LT54), and may also damage the victim. The pincer staff ends in a wide, blunt fork intended to enclose the opponent’s torso. A pincer staff wielder can shove (p. B372) a standing foe using the Staff skill, or pin (p. B370) him if he’s prone or against a wall – both at Reach 1, 2. Stats are as for sasumata, p. LT62.
Sharp Teeth (12): 1d-1 cutting. Reach C.
Adhesive (12): Kuo-toas use their own body oil in combination with other materials (these cost $48 per use and can be found with a Naturalist roll) to create an adhesive film that holds fast any creatures or items touching it. Typically, this is applied to their shields to trap weapons and body parts that strike or are blocked by it. A kuo-toa requires 1 hour to coat an item or one hex with this adhesive. The adhesive remains good for up to three days or until it actually catches someone or something. Adhesive has ST 12 and can only be damaged by cutting or burning attacks. See Binding, p. B40 for more details.
Lightning Bolt (12): Two or more kuo-toas operating together can generate a stroke of lightning. The kuo-toas must join hands to launch the bolt. It deals 2d burning surge damage, costs 1 FP, and takes 5 seconds to recharge. Range 5/10, maximum width 1 yard. Targets stuck by this attack must make an HT roll, at -1 per 2 points of penetrating damage, or be physically stunned. On subsequent turns, they can roll HT to recover. This attack behaves unpredictably around conductors; see Lightning (GURPS Magic, p. 196) for more details.

                Traits: Acute Vision 15; Amphibious; Bad Smell; Combat Reflexes; Doesn’t Breathe (Gills); Enhanced Move 1 (Water) [20]; Immunity to Poison; Infravision; Night Vision 5 (native illumination level 5); Pressure Support 2; Slippery 5; Speak Underwater.
Skills: Aquabatics-12; Brawling-12; Innate Attack (Beam)-12; Staff-13; Stealth-13.
Creature Type: Monstrous Humanoid.

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  1. nice. I see a future for these fellas in one of my upcoming games...!