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Monster: Shadow Flayer

Monster: Shadow Flayer

The shadow flayer is a product (an imperfect one) of the Thoon-aligned mind flayers' breeding program. They are more agile, less psionically powerful, but can briefly turn invisible.

Shadow Flayer [Monster Manual V, page 107]

550 points
Attribute Modifiers: ST+1 [10]; DX+1 [20]; IQ+3 [60].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Per-2 [-10]; Will+1 [5].
Advantages: DR 1 (Tough Skin, -40%) [3]; Extra Attack 2 [50]; Infravision [10]; Resistant to Psionics (+3) [10]; Slippery 3 [6].
Extract: Impaling Attack 4d (Accessibility, Must have the skull or face grappled with all four tentacles, -20%; Accessibility, Only on living creatures with a brain, -10%; Cosmic, Irresistible, Only natural DR, +250%; Cosmic, No active defenses allowed, +300%; Cosmic, No roll required, +100%; Melee Attack, Reach C, Cannot Parry, -35%) [220].
Tentacles [27]: Extra Arms 4 (Extra-Flexible, +50%; Short, -50%; Temporary Disadvantage, Ham-Fisted 1, -5%; Weak, 1/4 ST, -50%) [18] + Good Grip 2 (Accessibility, Only tentacles, -10%) [9].
Shadowcloak: Invisibility (Affects Machines, +50%; Can Carry Objects, Medium, +50%; Costs Hit Points, 2 HP, -20%; Magical, -10%; Reduced Duration, 1/10, -20%) [60].
Disadvantages: Hard of Hearing [-10]; No Sense of Smell/Taste (No Smell only, -50%) [-2].
Racial Psionic Abilities: Mental Blow 4 [28]; Telereceive 1 [21]; Telespeak 3 [39].
Racial Psionic Skills: Mental Blow (H) Will-2 [1]; Telereceive (H) IQ-2 [1]; Telesend (H) IQ-2 [1].
Creature Type: Aberration.

Typical Stats

1 (tough skin)
Spear (one-handed) (15): 1d+1 impaling. Reach 1.
Spear (two-handed) (15): 1d+2 impaling. Reach 1-2*.
Punch (12): 1d-2 crushing. Reach C.
Tentacles (12): The shadow flayer has four weak tentacles that encircle its mouth. Each tentacle has 1/4 ST of the body (ST 2, in this case). These tentacles can always reach and work with other limbs, regardless of body positioning, general layout, or “right” and “left.” The tentacles have reach C, and lack the leverage to use any weapon that must be swung. Subtract one yard from the reach of any melee weapon wielded by the tentacles. Each tentacle deals 1d-7 crushing (KYOS: 1d-11 crushing) damage. The tentacles give +4 with tasks that require a firm grip (including climbing).
Extract: If the shadow flayer has a victim grappled by his skull or face with all four tentacles, it can attempt to extract his brain. If the head is not protected by Sealed (i.e. the tentacles can reach the ears, mouth, nose, etc.), then the victim automatically takes 4d impaling damage to the skull, ignoring DR.
Shadowcloak: A shadow flayer can draw on his own inner stores of quintessence to briefly become invisible. This requires a Ready maneuver and spending of 2 HP. The shadow flayer still makes noise, leaves footprints, and has a scent – and anything he is carrying (up to the Medium encumbrance) becomes invisible too. He gets a +9 to Stealth in any situation where being seen would matter.
Individuals using paranormal remote viewing (crystal balls, Clairvoyance, etc.) cannot see the shadow flayer if he would be invisible to their normal vision. Paranormal abilities that detect enemies, life, and so on non-visually can still see him.
Invisibility only works against electromagnetic vision (which encompasses ordinary vision, Infravision, Ultravision, and radar). The shadow flayer does not cast a shadow and doesn’t show up in mirrors.

                Traits: Callous; Extra Attack 2; Hard of Hearing; Infravision; No Sense of Smell/Taste (No Smell only); Resistant to Psionics (+3); Sadism (12); Slippery 3.
Psionic Abilities: Mental Blow 4; Telereceive 1; Telespeak 3.
Skills: Expert Skill (Psionics)-14; Interrogation-14; Intimidation-14; Poisons/TL3-15; Spear-15; Stealth-15.
Psionic Skills: Mental Blow-15; Telereceive-14; Telesend-14.
Creature Type: Aberration.

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