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Monster: Roper

Monster: Roper

Now this is a very cool monster. Barely mobile, but able to camouflage against vision and infravision, it releases sticky strands to unwary prey and pulls it into its mouth.

Roper [Monster Manual, page 215]

242 points
Attribute Modifiers: ST+18 (No Fine Manipulators, -40%; Size Modifier, -20%) [72]; HT+3 [30].
Secondary Characteristics: SM+2; Will+2 [10]; Basic Move -4 [-20].
Advantages: Chameleon 4 (Extended, Infravision, +20%) [24]; DR 3 (Tough Skin, -40%) [9]; Infravision [10]; Injury Tolerance (No Neck) [5]; Magic Resistance 3 (Improved, +150%) [15]; Night Vision 6 [6]; Sharp Teeth [1].
Cold Resistance [21]: DR 5 (Limited, Cold, -40%; Tough Skin, -40%) [5] + Immunity to Noxious Cold Effects [10] + Internal DR 5 (Limited, Cold, -40%) [3] + Nictitating Membrane 5 (Limited, Cold, -40%) [3].
Electricity Resistance [65]: DR 20 (Includes Eyes, +10%; Includes Internal, +20%; Limited, Electricity, -40%; Tough Skin, -40%) [50] + Immunity to Electrical Conduction [5] + Immunity to Noxious Electrical Effects [10].
Strands [79]: Binding 12 (Link, +10%; Rapid Fire 6, Selective Fire, +80%; Reduced Range, x1/5, -20%; Retractable, +100%; Sticky, +20%; Limited Use, 6 uses, Fast Reload, -5%) [69] + Fatigue Attack 1d (Contact Agent, -30%; Increased 1/2D, x10, +15%; Link, +10%; Rapid Fire 6, +70%; Reduced Range, x1/5, -20%; Resistible, HT, -30%; Limited Use, 6 uses, Fast Reload, -5%) [10].
Disadvantages: No Manipulators [-50]; One Eye [-15]; Restricted Diet (Carnivore) [-10]; Vulnerability (Fire, x2) [-10].
Features: No Legs (Slithers) [0].
Creature Type: Aberration.

Knowing Your Own Strength [320]
Replace ST+18 (No Fine Manipulators, -40%; Size Modifier, -20%) [72] with ST+15 [150]

Typical Stats
28 (KYOS: 25)
28 (KYOS: 25)

3 (tough skin)
Sharp Teeth (14): 3d+1 cutting (KYOS: 5d cutting), Reach C.
Strands (16): Most encounters with a roper begin when it fires strong, sticky strands. The creature can have up to six strands at once, and they can strike up to 20 yards away. This is a ranged attack that has Acc 3, Recoil 1, and uses the Innate Attack (Projectile) skill. The roper can vary this attack’s RoF from 1 to 6. If one or multiple strands were severed or released, the roper can replenish the lost uses by taking three Ready maneuvers (they do not have to be consecutive).
On a hit, the victim is grappled (see p. B370) and rooted in place. He cannot select the Move or Change Posture maneuvers or change facing, and is at -4 to DX. The ST of this effect is equal 12, but the roper can layer additional attacks (usually via increasing RoF) on a successfully bound victim. Each extra layer gives +1 to ST. If a strand hits bare skin or thin clothing, the victim must make a successful HT or take 1d fatigue damage.
On subsequent turns, the roper can take a Ready maneuver to pull the victim toward it (or drag itself toward them, if they’re heavy enough). Use the higher of the roper’s ST or the strands’ ST. However, if the bound subject’s hands are free, or someone else grabs the strand, they can try to pull the roper (the typical weight of a roper is 2,200 pounds)! Releasing the strand is a free action on the roper’s turn.
To break free, the victim must win a Quick Contest of ST or Escape skill against the ST of the strands. Each attempt takes one second. If the victim fails to break free, he loses 1 FP but may try again. Alternatively, he may try to destroy the strands. Innate Attacks hit automatically; other attacks are at -4. External attacks on the strands take no penalty, but risk hitting the victim on a miss (see Striking Into a Close Combat, p. 392). The strands have DR 4. Each point of damage reduces ST by one. At ST 0, the strands are destroyed and the victim is freed. Those who touch the strands (for example, to help the victim to break free), stick to the strands as well, but only if they touch them within the first 10 seconds after they hit the original victim.

                Traits: Chameleon 4 (Extended, Infravision); Immunity to Electrical Conduction; Immunity to Noxious Cold Effects; Immunity to Noxious Electrical Effects; Infravision; Injury Tolerance (No Neck); Magic Resistance 3 (Improved); Night Vision 6; No Legs (Slithers); No Manipulators; One Eye; Restricted Diet (Carnivore); Vulnerability (Fire, x2).
Skills: Brawling-14; Innate Attack (Projectile)-16.
Creature Type: Aberration.

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