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Monster: Neothelid

Monster: Neothelid

No burrow speed btw.
This is what happens when an illithid tadpole is allowed to grow without undergoing ceremorphosis. The illithids consider the topic of these psionic worms taboo. Interestingly enough, while the illithids are not present in Pathfinder RPG for legal reasons, the neothelids do not share this legal protection. In Golarion, the neothelids vie for power with the intellect devourers in the deepest underground realms. Also, Pathfinder RPG has the neothelid overlord - a two-headed psychic neothelid variant, but I am not covering that one for now. Also, I remember some third-party supplement for D&D 3.5 detailing a theliohydra.

Neothelid [Expanded Psionics Handbook, page 204]

1,053 points
Attribute Modifiers: ST+65 (No Manipulators, -40%; Size Modifier, -60%) [130]; DX-1 [-20]; IQ+3 [60]; HT+7 [70].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: SM+6; FP+15 [45].
Advantages: DR 7 [35]; Extra Attack 1 [25]; Extra-Sensory Awareness (ESP, -10%; Increased Range, 500x, +80%) [34]; Injury Tolerance (No Eyes, No Head, No Neck) [17]; Resistant to Psionics (+8) [15]; Slippery 4 [8].
Swallow Whole [28]: Constriction Attack (Accessibility, Only on SM+3 creatures or smaller, -10%; Engulfing, +60%) [23] + Internal Corrosion Attack 1d-1 (Always On, -20% Aura, +80%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -30%) [2] + Internal DR 4 (Tough Skin, -40%) [3].
Tentacles [30]: Extra Arms 2 (Extra-Flexible, +50%; Weak, 1/2 ST, -25%) [25] + Extra-Flexible Arms [10] + Weak Arms (1/2 ST) [-5].
Breathe Acid: Corrosion Attack 8d (Cone, 1 yard, +60%; Costs Fatigue, 1 FP, -5%; Increased 1/2D Range, x5, +10%; Magical, -10%; Reduced Range, 1/5, -20%; Takes Recharge, 5 seconds, -10%) [100].
Disadvantages: Blindness [-50]; Horizontal [-10].
Racial Psionic Abilities: Autoteleport 14 [100]; Clairvoyance 10 [58]; Levitation 1 [14]; Mental Blow 4 [28]; Portersense 4 [16]; Suggestion 5 [50]; Telecontrol 5 [90]; Telereceive 4 [45]; TK Crush 4 [20]; TK Grab 15 [105].
Racial Psionic Skills: Autoteleport (H) IQ-2 [1]; Clairvoyance (H) IQ-2 [1]; Levitation (H) IQ-2 [1]; Mental Blow (H) Will-2 [1]; Portersense (H) Per-2 [1]; Suggestion (H) IQ-2 [1]; Telecontrol (H) IQ-2 [1]; Telereceive (H) IQ-2 [1]; TK Crush (H) IQ-2 [1]; TK Grab (H) IQ-2 [1].
Creature Type: Aberration.

Knowing Your Own Strength [1,215]
Replace ST+65 (No Manipulators, -40%; Size Modifier, -60%) [130] with ST+25 [250]
Add HP+21 [42]

Typical Stats
75 (KYOS: 35)
75 (KYOS: 56)
1 ground, 6 water

7; 4 (tough skin, internal)
Bite (11): 10d+2 crushing (KYOS: 8d+1 crushing). Reach C.
                Tentacle (11): 5d-1 crushing (KYOS: 2d+2 crushing). Reach C-7. Extra-Flexible, effective ST 37 (KYOS: ST 17).
Breathe Acid (15): 8d corrosion, costs 1 FP, takes 5 seconds to recharge. Range 5/10, maximum width 1 yard.
Swallow Whole: The neothelid can try to swallow a grabbed opponent of SM+3 or smaller size. To accomplish that, it must first bite to grapple (GURPS Martial Arts, p. 115). On the next turn, and each successive turn, roll a Quick Contest: the neothelid’s ST vs. the victim’s ST or HT, whichever is higher. If the neothelid wins, the victim takes damage equal to the neothelid’s margin of victory and is swallowed; otherwise, he takes no damage. Treath being swallowed as pinned (p. B370). This pin is completely hands free. In addition to taking the normal constriction damage, the swallowed victim also takes 1d-1 corrosion damage per second. Victims with abilities such as Innate Attack and Spines can hit the neothelid automatically while swallowed. The neothelid gets no active defense against internal attacks. The victim can escape the pin as usual, climbing back up the neothelid’s throat.
A swallowed creature can cut its way out by dealing enough damage to cripple the digestive tract (the “virtual arm” that is pinning it) – 38 (KYOS: 28) in the case of the neothelid. The neothelid has internal DR 4 with the Tough Skin limitation. Once the creature exits, muscular action closes the hole; another swallowed opponent must cut its own way out.
The neothelid’s gullet can hold 1 SM+3 creature, 2 SM+2 creatures, 4 SM+1 creatures, 8 SM+0 creatures, 16 SM-1 creatures, 32 SM-2 creatures, and so on.

                Traits: Blindness; Extra Attack 1; Extra-Sensory Awareness (ESP; Increased Range, 500x); Horizontal; Injury Tolerance (No Eyes, No Head, No Neck); Resistant to Psionics (+8); Slippery 4.
Skills: Brawling-11; Expert Skill (Psionics)-15; Innate Attack (Breath)-15; Observation-15; Wresting-11.
Racial Psionic Abilities: Autoteleport 14; Clairvoyance 10; Levitation 1; Mental Blow 4; Portersense 4; Suggestion 5; Telecontrol 5; TK Crush 4; TK Grab 15.
Racial Psionic Skills: Autoteleport-15; Clairvoyance-15; Levitation-15; Mental Blow-15; Portersense-15; Suggestion-15; Telecontrol-15; Telereceive-15; TK Crush-15; TK Grab-15.
Creature Type: Aberration.

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