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Monster: Tarrasque

Monster: Tarrasque

The big T itself. Interestingly enough, it doesn't really have any complex abilities that were difficult to convert - just a lot of big numbers. I decided to give it the ability to jump high and fling spikes (like in Pathfinder) to make it dangerous to flying foes as well. Finally, I found a write-up of the "swallow whole" ability that satisfied me. I will have to update the previously posted monsters with this ability.

Tarrasque [Monster Manual, page 240]

1,997 points
Attribute Modifiers: ST+150 (No Fine Manipulators, -40%; Size Modifier, -70%) [300]; DX+2 (No Fine Manipulators, -40%) [24]; IQ-4 [-80]; HT+8 [80].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: SM+7; FP+30 [90]; Will+10 [50]; Per+10 [50]; Basic Speed -2 [-40]; Basic Move -1 [-5].
Advantages: Blunt Claws [3]; Combat Reflexes [15]; DR 30 (Flexible, -20%) [120]; DR 30 (Outer Layer; Directional, Back, -40%; Partial, Torso Only, -10%; Reflection, Limited, Ranged Magic, +60%) [165]; DR 30 (Outer Layer; Directional, Top, -40%; Partial, Torso Only, -10%; Reflection, Limited, Ranged Magic, +60%) [165]; Discriminatory Smell [15]; Extra Attack 1 [25]; Fangs [2]; High Pain Threshold [10]; Immunity to Energy Drain (Attribute penalizing Afflictions and FP damage) [30]; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards [30]; Injury Tolerance (Damage Reduction, 1/2) [50]; Magic Resistance 10 (Improved, +150%) [50]; Metabolism Control 10 (Hibernation, -60%) [20];  Nictitating Membrane 10 [10]; Reduced Consumption 3 [6]; Regeneration (Extreme; Heals Radiation, +40%) [210]; Regrowth [40]; Striker (Horns; Impaling; Limited Arc, Straight Ahead, -40%) [3]; Striker (Tail; Crushing; Cannot Parry, -40%; Limited Arc, Straight Behind, -40%) [1]; Super Jump 2 (Costs Fatigue, 1 FP, -5%) [18]; Temperature Tolerance 10 [10]; Unaging [15]; Unkillable 2 [100].
Fire Resistance [60]: DR 20 (Includes Eyes, +10%; Includes Internal, +20%; Limited, Fire, -40%; Tough Skin, -40%) [50] + Immunity to Noxious Fire Effects [10].
Fling Spikes: Impaling Attack 4d (Increased 1/D Range, x5, +10%; Rapid Fire, RoF 6, +70%; Takes Recharge, 15 seconds, -20%) [52].
           Frightful Presence: Terror 6 (Confusion; Area Effect, 160 yards, +200%; Magical, -10%; Presence, +25%) [284].
              Rush: Basic Move +15 (Costs 1 FP, -5%; Reduced Duration, 1/60, -35%; Takes Recharge, 15 seconds, -20%) [30].
            Swallow Whole [34]: Constriction Attack (Accessibility, Only on SM+4 creatures or smaller, -10%; Engulfing, +60%) [23] + Internal Corrosion Attack 1d-1 (Always On, -20% Aura, +80%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -30%) [2] + Internal DR 15 (Tough Skin, -40%) [9].
Disadvantages: Bestial [-10]; Cannot Speak [-15]; Hidebound [-5]; Restricted Diet (Carnivore) [-10]; Semi-Upright [-5].
Creature Type: Magical Beast.

Knowing Your Own Strength [2,293]
Replace ST+150 (No Fine Manipulators, -40%; Size Modifier, -70%) [300] with ST+37 [370]
Add HP+113 [226]

Typical Stats
160 (KYOS: 47)

13 (unarmed)
30*, 30 (torso; back and top), 20 (vs. fire)
Blunt Claws (18): 26d+1 crushing (KYOS: 15d crushing), Reach C-10.
Fangs (18): 26d+1 impaling (KYOS: 15d impaling), Reach C.
Horns (18): 31d+2 impaling (KYOS: 18d+1 impaling), Reach C-10. Only forward hexes.
Tail Slap (18): 31d+2 impaling (KYOS: 18d+1 impaling), Reach C-10. Only back hexes.
Fling Spikes (18): 4d impaling, RoF 6, Range 50/100. Recharge 15 seconds.
Carapace: The tarrasque’s armorlike carapace that protects its torso from the back and top is exceptionally tough and highly reflective, deflecting ranged magic attacks. The carapace blocks and deflects up to 30 points damage, eight levels of Affliction, or 42 levels of Binding. An attacker unaware that this effect is in place must roll against the lower of IQ or Per, at +3 for Danger Sense and +3 for Combat Reflexes, to realize it in time to get a defense. If the attacker is not physically present at the time of the attack, the missiles are just deflected harmlessly. Do not roll damage or apply special effects until after determining who (if anyone) is hit. The carapace doesn’t stop most area effects or explosions, though it does deflect fragmentation damage (shrapnel). The latter is reflected away harmlessly, since it originated from the explosion, not the attacker.
Frightful Presence: When a creature is within 160 yards of the tarrasque, it must roll a Fright Check at a -6 penalty. If a victim succeeds at his Fright Check, he will be unaffected by this ability for one hour. Note that the mere presence of the tarrasque is enough, even if the victims can neither see the tarrasque nor hear it.
Rush: Once per 15 seconds, the tarrasque can spend 1 FP to increase its Basic Move by 15 for one second.
Swallow Whole: The tarrasque can try to swallow a grabbed opponent of SM+4 or smaller size. To accomplish that, it must first bite to grapple (GURPS Martial Arts, p. 115). On the next turn, and each successive turn, roll a Quick Contest: the tarrasque’s ST vs. the victim’s ST or HT, whichever is higher. If the tarrasque wins, the victim takes damage equal to the tarrasque’s margin of victory and is swallowed; otherwise, he takes no damage. Treath being swallowed as pinned (p. B370). This pin is completely hands free. In addition to taking the normal constriction damage, the swallowed victim also takes 1d-1 corrosion damage per second. Victims with abilities such as Innate Attack and Spines can hit the tarrasque automatically while swallowed. The tarrasque gets no active defense against internal attacks. The victim can escape the pin as usual, climbing back up the tarrasque’s throat.
A swallowed creature can cut its way out by dealing enough damage to cripple the digestive tract (the “virtual arm” that is pinning it) – 80 in the case of the tarrasque. The tarrasque has internal DR 15 with the Tough Skin limitation. Once the creature exits, muscular action closes the hole; another swallowed opponent must cut its own way out.
The tarrasque’s gullet can hold 1 SM+4 creature, 2 SM+3 creatures, 4 SM+2 creatures, 8 SM+1 creatures, 16 SM+0 creatures, 32 SM-1 creatures, and so on.

                Traits: Bestial; Cannot Speak; Combat Reflexes; Discriminatory Smell; Extra Attack 1; Hidebound; High Pain Threshold; Immunity to Energy Drain (Attribute penalizing Afflictions and FP damage); Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Immunity to Noxious Fire Effects; Injury Tolerance (Damage Reduction, 1/2); Magic Resistance 10 (Improved); Metabolism Control 10 (Hibernation);  Nictitating Membrane 10; Reduced Consumption 3; Regeneration (Extreme; Heals Radiation); Regrowth; Restricted Diet (Carnivore); Semi-Upright; Super Jump 2 (Costs Fatigue, 1 FP); Temperature Tolerance 10; Unaging; Unkillable 2.
Skills: Brawling-18; Innate Attack (Projectile)-18; Jumping-18; Wrestling-18.
Creature Type: Magical Beast.


  1. No Nictitating Membrane? That leaves a big weakness that Scouts would love to take advantage of.