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Magic: Spell Index

Magic: Spell Index

I already have created quite many spells for GURPS Magic, some original, some converted or adapted from other sources, and while I have them all in a single document, there must be a way to easily find them here, on the blog. So, I decided to make an index of all spells and links to the posts. I'll try to keep it updated. Since Blogger does not allow more than a single featured post, this post will be more difficult to find - either via a link in the Sorcery spell index post, or via the index tag.

 --- Air Spells
Belker Claws - Magic: Air Spells II.
Binding Winds - Magic: Air Spells II.
Blood Sirocco - Magic: Air Spells II.
Call Lightning - Magic: Air Spells.
Chain Lightning - Magic: Air Spells.
Cloudkill - Magic: Air Spells.
Solidify Air - Magic: Air Spells II.
Whispering Wind - Magic: Air Spells.

 --- Animal Spells
(Animal) Growth - Magic: Animal Spells.
(Animal) Messenger - Magic: Animal Spells.
Hide from (Animal) - Magic: Animal Spells.
Reduce (Animal) - Magic: Animal Spells.

 --- Body Control Spells

 --- Communication and Empathy Spells

 --- Earth Spells
Earthen Grace - Magic: Earth Spells.
Earthen Grasp -  Magic: Earth Spells.
Easy Climb - Magic: Earth Spells.
Impeding Stones - Magic: City Spells.
Meld into Stone - Magic: Earth and Metal Spells.
Repel Stone - Magic: Earth and Metal Spells.
Spike Stones - Magic: Earth and Metal Spells.
Stoneskin - Magic: Earth and Metal Spells.
Stone Tell - Magic: Earth and Metal Spells.
Tremor - Magic: Earth Spells.
Wall of Stone - Magic: Earth and Metal Spells.

 --- Enchantment Spells
Arrow Catcher - Magic: Armor Enchantments.
Blinding Shield - Magic: Armor Enchantments.
Clone - Magic: Assorted Spells.
Ethereal Armor - Magic: Armor Enchantments.
Glamered Armor - Magic: Armor Enchantments.
Invulnerable Armor - Magic: Armor Enchantments.
Reflecting Shield - Magic: Armor Enchantments.
Slick Armor - Magic: Armor Enchantments.

 --- Fire Spells
 --- Food Spells

 --- Force Spells
Ablative Barrier - Magic: Force College.
Absorb Impact - Magic: Force College.
Battering Blast - Magic: Force College.
Blade Barrier - Magic: Force College.
Clenched Fist - Magic: Force College.
Crushing Hand - Magic: Force College.
Floating Disk - Magic: Force College.
Force Harpoon - Magic: Force College.
Force Spear - Magic: Force College.
Force Bolt - Magic: Force College.
Forceful Hand - Magic: Force College.
Forceful Weapon - Magic: Force College.
Grasping Hand - Magic: Force College.
Interposing Hand - Magic: Force College.
Magic Missile - Magic: Force College.
Resilient Sphere - Magic: Assorted Spells.
Scoop - Magic: Force College.
Suspend Item - Magic: Force College.
Telekinetic Sphere - Magic: Assorted Spells.

 --- Gate Spells

 --- Gravity Spells
Control Gravity Elemental - Magic: Gravity College.
Create Gravity Elemental - Magic: Gravity College.
Dispel Gravity - Magic: Gravity College.
Gravity Crush - Magic: Gravity College.
Gravity Push - Magic: Gravity College.
Gravity Tolerance - Magic: Gravity College.
Increase Gravity - Magic: Gravity College.
Mass Distortion - Magic: Gravity College.
Measure Gravity - Magic: Gravity College.
Redirect Gravity - Magic: Gravity College.
Reduce Gravity - Magic: Gravity College.
Reverse Gravity - Magic: Gravity College.
Resist Gravity - Magic: Gravity College.
See Gravity - Magic: Gravity College.
Seek Gravity - Magic: Gravity College.
Selective Gravity - Magic: Gravity College.
Summon Gravity Elemental - Magic: Gravity College.

 --- Healing Spells

 --- Illusion and Creation Spells
Secret Weapon - Magic: City Spells.
Spacious Carriage - Magic: City Spells.

 --- Knowledge Spells
Detect Weaponry - Magic: City Spells.
Status - Magic: Assorted Spells.

 --- Light and Darkness Spells
Blue-Green Laser - Magic: Laser Spells.
Blue-Green Laser Sword - Magic: Laser Spells.
Blue-Green Pulse Laser - Magic: Laser Spells.
Color Spray - Magic: Light and Darkness Spells.
Dancing Lights - Magic: Light and Darkness Spells.
Electrolaser - Magic: Laser Spells.
Faerie Fire - Magic: Light and Darkness Spells.
Gamma-Ray Laser - Magic: Laser Spells.
Gamma-Ray Laser Sword - Magic: Laser Spells.
Gamma-Ray Pulse Laser - Magic: Laser Spells.
Glitterdust - Magic: Light and Darkness Spells.
Infrared Laser - Magic: Laser Spells.
Infrared Laser Sword - Magic: Laser Spells.
Infrared Pulse Laser - Magic: Laser Spells.
Invisibility Purge - Magic: Light and Darkness Spells.
Laser Sight - Magic: Laser Spells.
Lethal Electrolaser - Magic: Laser Spells.
Prismatic Spray - Magic: Light and Darkness Spells.
Rainbow Laser - Magic: Laser Spells.
Rainbow Laser Sword - Magic: Laser Spells.
Ultraviolet Laser - Magic: Laser Spells.
Ultraviolet Laser Sword - Magic: Laser Spells.
Ultraviolet Pulse Laser - Magic: Laser Spells.
Walk on Beams - Magic: Laser Spells.
X-Ray Laser - Magic: Laser Spells.
X-Ray Laser Sword - Magic: Laser Spells.
X-Ray Pulse Laser - Magic: Laser Spells.

 --- Making and Breaking Spells

 --- Meta-Spells

 --- Metal Spells
 --- Mind Control Spells
Hideous Laughter - Magic: Fire and Mind Control Spells.
Irresistible Dance - Magic: Fire and Mind Control Spells.

 --- Movement Spells
False Peacebond - Magic: City Spells.
Peacebond - Magic: City Spells.
Suspend Item - Magic: Force College.
Zone of Peace - Magic: City Spells.

 --- Necromantic Spells
Antilife Shell - Magic: Necromantic Spells.
Circle of Death - Magic: Necromantic Spells.
Cloudkill - Magic: Air Spells.
Death Knell - Magic: Necromantic Spells.
Disrupt Undead - Magic: Necromantic Spells.
Disrupting Weapon - Magic: Necromantic Spells.
Gentle Repose - Magic: Necromantic Spells.
Ghoul Touch - Magic: Necromantic Spells.
Hide from Undead - Magic: Necromantic Spells.
Ray of Enfeeblement - Magic: Necromantic Spells.
Ray of Exhaustion - Magic: Necromantic Spells.

 --- Plant Spells
Antiplant Shell - Magic: Plant Spells.
Changestaff - Magic: Plant Spells.
Fire Seeds - Magic: Fire and Mind Control Spells.
Goodberry - Magic: Plant Spells.
Repel Wood - Magic: Plant Spells.
Spike Growth - Magic: Plant Spells.
Repel Wood - Magic: Plant Spells.

 --- Protection and Warning Spells
Detect Weaponry - Magic: City Spells.
False Peacebond - Magic: City Spells.
Peacebond - Magic: City Spells.
Resilient Sphere - Magic: Assorted Spells.
Zone of Peace - Magic: City Spells.

 --- Sound Spells
Sonic Weapon - Magic: Assorted Spells.
Ventriloquism - Magic: Assorted Spells.
Whispering Wind - Magic: Air Spells.

 --- Technological Spells

 --- Time Spells
Accelerate Metabolism - Magic: Time College.
Backtrack - Magic: Time College.
Conceal Temporal Anomaly - Magic: Time College.
Delay Image - Magic: Time College.
Delayed Damage - Magic: Time College.
Detect Temporal Anomaly - Magic: Time College.
Flash Forward - Magic: Time College.
Magic Manager - Magic: Time College.
Melee Manager - Magic: Time College.
Minor Paradox - Magic: Time College.
Paradox - Magic: Time College.
Slow Metabolism - Magic: Time College.
Tell Age - Magic: Time College.
Temporal Disjunction - Magic: Time College.
Temporal Stasis - Magic: Time College.
Temporal Wall - Magic: Time College.
Time Snare - Magic: Time College.
Time Walk - Magic: Time College.
Timeheal - Magic: Time College.

 --- Water Spells
Field of Icy Razors - Magic: Ice Spells.
Freezing Fog - Magic: Ice Spells.
Freezing Sphere - Magic: Water Spells.
Ice Axe - Magic: Ice Spells.
Ice Claw - Magic: Ice Spells.
Ice Gauntlet - Magic: Ice Spells.
Polar Ray - Magic: Water Spells.
Ray of Frost - Magic: Water Spells.
Wall of Ice - Magic: Water Spells.

 --- Weather Spells
Call Lightning - Magic: Air Spells.
Chain Lightning - Magic: Air Spells.

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    1. Thanks! Stay tuned for more magic content in the future.

    2. for sure! I dont use Sorcery style magic so I only glance at those posts (though I do love the Magical Materials and Treasure posts as well!)