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Sorcery: Plant Spells XVII

Sorcery: Plant Spells XVII

Almost done! Here we have variant elemental spells - Summon/Control/Create Wood Elemental. Woodfall is an environmental plant attack. Undergrowth Ambush is yet another flavor of plant-based binding. Branch Fingers is a very minor buff.
Branch Fingers
Keywords: Buff.
Full Cost: 13 points.
Casting Roll: None. Use Innate Attack (Gaze) to aim.
Range: 100 yards.
Duration: 3 minutes.

The subject’s digits become elongated and covered in bark. When the subject targets the eyes with a barehanded strike or eye gouge, he gets the x4 wounding modifier for the skull
Statistics: Affliction 1 (HT; Advantage, Branch Fingers, +10%; Fixed Duration, +0%; Increased 1/2D, 10x, +15%; No Signature, +20%; Sorcery, -15%) [13]. Notes: “Branch Fingers” is Long Fingers (Magical, -10%) [1].

Control Wood Elemental
Keywords: Resisted (Will).
Full Cost: 10 points.
Casting Roll: IQ.
Range: Unlimited.
Duration: Indefinite.

You can mentally dominate wood elementals you can see or touch. To use this ability, concentrate for one second and then roll a Quick Contest: your IQ vs. your subject’s Will. Use the following modifiers: Range penalties to the subject (see B550); -1 per slave already under your control; +2 if you concentrate for a full minute, or +4 if you concentrate for a full hour.
If you win, your victim will obey your every command until you free him. In effect, he temporarily gains the Reprogrammable disadvantage (B150), with you as his master. Your control persists for as long as you take uninterrupted Concentrate maneuvers.
Once you stop, your control lingers for one minute per point by which you won the Quick Contest. If you are incapacitated (stunned, knocked out, etc.), or attempt to force the subject to act against his principles (e.g., commit suicide or harm a loved one), roll another Quick Contest. If your victim wins, he breaks free. Roll at the moment of truth – you can march him to the edge of a cliff, but he doesn’t roll until he’s about to leap.
If you lose, you cannot attempt to control that subject again for 24 hours, and he feels a sense of mental coercion emanating from you. On a critical failure, you also lose control of anyone else under the influence of this ability!
Your victims have no initiative while under your control, and temporarily acquire Slave Mentality (B154).
Statistics: Mind Control (Accessibility, Wood Elementals Only, -60%; Puppet, -40%; Sorcery, -15%) [10].
Create Wood Elemental
Keywords: None.
Full Cost: 15 points/level.
Casting Roll: IQ.
Range: Touch.
Duration: 10 seconds or permanent; see text.

This spell allows you to create wood elementals. To do so, take a Concentrate maneuver and roll vs. IQ. Success means the wood elemental appears within arm’s reach. Failure means nothing happens. Critical failure means the creation happens, but in a way that’s inconvenient or dangerous – the GM should be creative!
The caster may determine the capabilities of the created elemental by increasing or decreasing the attributes of the basic elemental of that type; he may only change, add or subtract advantages and disadvantages with GM permission. There are no limits to the alteration of attributes, though a very stupid elemental will not understand complex commands.
The produced wood elemental can weigh up to 10 x (level squared) lbs. – 10 lbs. at level 1, 40 lbs. at level 2, 90 lbs. at level 3, and so on. If the GM wishes, he may restrict the point value of the created elemental to the same number.
The created elemental is not under the caster’s control.
See GURPS Magic, p. 191 or GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 9 – Summoners, p. 31 for statistics of wood elementals.
Statistics: Create Wood (Magical, -10%; Reduced Fatigue Cost 3, +60%; Vital Creation, +0%) [15/level].

Summon Wood Elemental
Keywords: None.
Full Cost: 15 points.
Casting Roll: None.
Range: Touch.
Duration: Indefinite.

This allows the caster to call a nearby wood elemental – if one exists. In general, the GM should assume that an elemental is available if the location is appropriate, unless the scenario or situation requires that elementals are opportunely absent. The GM determines the elemental’s precise capabilities. If it is killed, the summoner must wait a full day to call replacements. Dismissing the wood elemental is a free action, but the caster may only dismiss him if it is physically present. The caster can only cast this spell if his character’s point total is at least 2 times bigger than the elemental’s.
The summoned elemental is not under the caster’s control, but must remain for one hour unless it is dismissed or destroys the caster. Note that a dismissal does not guarantee the elemental will leave. If it is hostile, or simply curious, it may choose to stay!
See GURPS Magic, p. 191 or GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 9 – Summoners, p. 31 for statistics of wood elementals.
Statistics: Ally (Wood Elemental; Built on 50%; Constantly, no roll required; Conjured, +100%; Minimum Duration, 1 hour, -5%; Sorcery, -15%) [15].

Treetop Blink
Keywords: None.
Full Cost: 20 points.
Casting Roll: Power Dodge (IQ/2+3).
Range: Self.
Duration: Instantaneous.

While this spell is active, once per turn, you can “dodge” an incoming attack by teleporting away from it to the top of the tallest tree within 20 yards. It must be thick enough to support his weight. For simplicity, assume a typical tree has at least one limb that can support 50 lbs. per point of SM.
The person appears on a limb that is attached 3/4 of the way up the trunk. Assume the tree’s height is the maximum for that SM. That’s 21’ in the example, so the limb is approximately 16’ above the ground.
When the person appears, he must make a Body Sense roll to be able to do anything, but defending in the next turn. Those with Perfect Balance need not roll.
Statistics: Warp (Anchored, Nearest Treetop, -30%; Blink Only, -60%; Reliable 1, +5%; Sorcery, -15%) [20].
Undergrowth Ambush
Keywords: Area (Leveled).
Full Cost: 47 points for level 1 + 15 points/additional level.
Casting Roll: None. Use Innate Attack (Gaze) to aim.
Range: 100 yards.
Duration: 10 seconds.

You can direct existing tree roots to entangle and restrain everyone within an area. It requires a roll against Innate Attack (Gaze) plus Talent; if you miss, see Scatter (p. B414). The roots can only entangle a subject, if the subject is within 4 yards of a tree. The binding has ST 15 and lasts for 10 seconds, continuing to entangle new people who blunder into it. Those already caught grow more tightly entangled, with +1 to the ST of their bonds for each additional second they remain grappled. This spell has no effect on sapient plants.
The basic (47-point) version of this spell affects subjects in a two-yard radius. For each additional 15 points, you may double this radius. The GM must determine the maximum level allowed; 128 yards is recommended. You may always choose to omit specific targets from the area of effect.
Statistics: Binding 15 (Area Effect, 2 yards, +50%; Environmental, Roots, -40%; Persistent, +40%; Selective Area, +20%; Sorcery, -15%) [47]. The additional levels add more levels of Area Effect (+50%) [+15].

Keywords: Missile.
Full Cost: 4 points.
Casting Roll: None. Use Dropping or Innate Attack (Projectile) to hit.
Range: 100 yards.
Duration: Instantaneous.

This spell detaches a part of a plant directly over the subject and propels it downward! The caster must roll against Dropping or Innate Attack (Projectile) to hit, applying range penalties from him to the target (not the object). This is an overhead attack – it bypasses any cover that does not provide overhead protection, and negates attack penalties to hit crouching, kneeling, sitting, or prone targets.
Statistics: Crushing Attack 2d (Environmental, Under a branch or a heavy fruit/nut, -65%; Overhead, +20%; Sorcery, -15%) [4].

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