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Pantheon: Gnome Deities

Pantheon: Gnome Deities

Here we have gnome deities presented in Races of Stone.

Garl Glittergold

Greater deity
Alignment: Neutral Good
Symbol: a nugget of gold
Home plane: Bytopia
Portfolio: gnomes, humor, wit, illusion, gemcutting, jewelrymaking
Domain (-30%): earth spells, illusion spells
Worshipers: gnomes, illusionists, jewelers, practical jokers.

The deity of gnomes, Garl Glittergold, appears as a handsome, golden-skinned gnome with glittering gemstones for eyes. He is well dressed, usually in a silk jacket with long tails and silk hose. He always wears lots of gold jewelry and accoutrements. Garl Glittergold discovered the gnomes and led them into the world. Since then, he has been their protector. He is renowned for the jokes and pranks he pulls on other deities, though not all his victims laugh off his jests. Garl once collapsed the cavern of Kurtulmak, the deity of the kobolds. Since then, the two deities have been sworn enemies.
            Dogma: Garl promotes a doctrine of practicality tempered with humor. Ignorance and complacency are dangerous, warns Garl, and he urges his people to explore not only the world around them but new ways of doing things. Garl also emphasizes brains over brawn, and he teaches that befuddling or embarrassing a foe can be just as complete a victory as slaying or capturing that foe.

Gelf Darkhearth

Intermediate deity
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Symbol: a black anvil split in half
Home plane: Bytopia
Portfolio: entropy, revenge
Domain (-30%): earth spells, breaking spells, malicious mind control spells
Worshipers: rebellious gnomes

Gelf is Garl Glittergold’s brother, and rarely have two brothers been more bitter rivals. Gelf, depicted as a grayskinned dwarf with a black beard, takes obsessive delight in opposing everything his brother attempts. This compulsion puts Gelf in the tragic position of tearing down the gnome society he loves, just to thwart Garl Glittergold. Gelf is not evil, but he feels compelled to destroy everything Garl holds dear. Gelf is an angry, sorrowful deity, and he attracts followers of similar temperament.
Dogma: Make lives of Garl Glittergold’s worshipers miserable. Oppose Garl’s church. Look for new initiates, give them a chance to join your cause. Always avenge harmful actions performed against you or your comrades.

Callarduran Smoothhands

Lesser deity
Alignment: Neutral
Symbol: gold ring with star symbol
Home plane: Elemental Plane of Earth
Portfolio: stone, mining, secrecy, svirfneblins
Domain (-20%): earth spells, illusion spells, making and breaking spells
Worshipers: svirfneblins

Callarduran Smoothhands is by nature solitary and thoughtful, and he rarely consorts even with other gnome gods. He is a benign but secretive deity, caring only for his own people and their defense against drow and the other dangers of the Underdark. He intercedes to defend his followers from such dangers, and his appearance is heralded by a loud huming which can be heard through solid rock.
Largely ignored by the other gnome subraces, the Deep Brother is venerated primarily by the svirfneblin as their patron deity, with a strong emphasis on his protective aspect and his oversight of the all encompassing earth and the treasures to be found within.
Dogma: Callarduran led his chosen people into the deepest depths of the earthso that they might discover the joyous beauty of rubies and other gems. Beware the dangers of the Underdark, and guard against evil races such as the drow who employ any means necessary to seize what is not rightfully theirs. Protect and serve your community. Celebrate the beauty of minerals and gems and understand their value in craft, art, and magic.

The Glutton

Lesser deity
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Symbol: gaping, fanged mouth
Home plane: Abyss
Portfolio: disaster, greed
Domain (-30%): earth spells, breaking spells, food spells, spells that improve physical characteristics
Worshipers: gnomish cultists

Usually depicted as a massive, ravenous badger or wolverine, The Glutton figures prominently in the bedtime stories gnomes tell naughty children—“Go to sleep or The Glutton will get you!” The Glutton is blamed whenever a burrow collapses or another misfortune befalls the gnomes. It is said that The Glutton was once a gnome who was cursed with a hideous form and a desire to consume the gnomes and all they hold dear.
            Dogma: Destroy everything the gnomes hold dear. Do not restrict your eating habits, gluttony is a virtue.

Rill Cleverthrush

Lesser deity
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Symbol: a ruby
Home plane: Mechanus
Portfolio: invention, creation, sky
Domain (-10%): air spells, enchantment spells, making and breaking spells, movement spells
Worshipers: inventors, artificers

Rill is the epitome of the absent-minded gnome artisan, always busy in his workshop polishing a newly cut gem or putting the finishing touches on a “living statue” to be given to a worthy mortal. Appearing as an elderly, bespectacled gnome, Rill is always shown holding Rill’s Ruby, a gem that has a facet for each living gnome.
            Dogma: Be professional when crafting or enchanting items. Do not break any complex mechanisms – analyze them, use them, or preserve them for later use. Do not rush with decisions - gnomes make decisions with harmonious minds.

Sheyanna Flaxenstrand

Intermediate deity
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Symbol: a crown and two cups
Home plane: Arborea
Portfolio: love, beauty, passion
Domain (-20%): healing spells, communication and empathy spells, fire spells
Worshipers: gnomes

It is said that Sheyanna is the source of the rivalry between Garl and Gelf, for both woo her in many gnome legends. Sheyanna doesn’t commit to either brother, however, choosing instead to encourage matchmaking and passionate affairs among the mortal gnomes in her care. Thus a romantic triangle is formed—a triangle that has launched a thousand folk tales. Sheyanna is said to be the ideal of gnome beauty, a delicate blonde princess with a smile that melts even Gelf’s icy heart. Sheyanna is often depicted with Hearthlight, a golden torch that can spew a fountain of flame wherever she aims it.
            Dogma: Always try to look the best. Tend to the wounded and the sick, always help your community or group. Let mutual romantic relationship bloom, prevent others from homewrecking.

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