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Pantheon: Elven Deities

Pantheon: Elven Deities

Here we have elven deities that are relevant for my setting. I don't provide deity-specific spells this time.
Alobal Lorfiril

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Symbol: a partially drunken wineglass with colorful orbs floating out of it
Home plane: Arborea
Portfolio: hedonism, mirth, magic, revelry
Domain (-20%): food spells, illusion spells, transmutation and shaping spells
Worshipers: elves, hedonists

Alobal Lorfiril is a minor elven god of hedonism and revelry, as well as being associated with the entertainment value and potential of artistic improvement of the art.
Alobal manifests himself as a comely male elf with sparkling golden eyes.
Dogma: Alobal urges his followers to wrest the maximum possible pleasure from each moment. Responsibility is for tomorrow. However, he does not cajole his followers to become intoxicated to the point of causing harm to themselves or others, nor does he condone seeking personal pleasure at the expense of others. He teaches that there is as much potential in tomorrow as there is in today, and that elves need never hurry. Wasting today in drudgery is fruitless and possibly sinful.

Corellon Larethian

Greater deity
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Symbol: silver crescent
Home plane: Arborea
Portfolio: elves, magic, music, arts, warfare
Domain (-20%): meta spells, sound spells, making and breaking spells, spells that improve senses
Worshipers: elves, half-elves, bards

He is known as the Creator of the Elves, the Protector, Protector and Preserver of Life, and Ruler of All Elves. Corellon Larethian is the creator and protector of the elf race. He governs those things held in highest esteem among elves, such as magic, music, arts, crafts, poetry, and warfare. Gruumsh is his nemesis, and it is because of Corellon’s battle prowess that Gruumsh was called “One-Eye” before Corellon finished what he began and killed him. Corellon usually appears as an androgynous elf clad in a sky-blue cloak and armed with a longbow and longsword
            Dogma: Corellon concerns himself with all aspects of elven welfare. He also remains alert to any taint of evil among the elves, and he seeks to stamp out any evil influence the moment it appears. Corellon played a leading role in the schism that ultimately resulted in the banishment of the drow underground.
Corellon spurs his people toward self-reliance, vigilance against danger, and appreciation of the world’s beauty. It is Corellon’s influence that leads elves to study magic and swordplay for the duration of their long lives, to serve as guardians and caretakers of the forests, and to appreciate aesthetic pleasures in spite of their warrior heritage.

Deep Sashelas

Intermediate deity
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Symbol: dolphin
Home plane: Elemental Plane of Water
Portfolio: oceans, aquatic elves, creation, knowledge
Domain (-20%): knowledge spells, water spells, making and breaking spells
Worshipers: druids, elves, fisher folk, rangers, sages, sailors

The Lord of the Undersea is the patron of aquatic elves. With his consort Trishinia, Queen of the Dolphins, he rules the world beneath the waves and creates ever-changing vistas of undersea beauty.
            Deep Sashelas appears as a handsome aquatic elf with sea-green skin and flowing blue-green hair. He is usually clad in leather armor made of sharkskin and decorated with fins and frills. Deep Sashelas is a charismatic leader and an inspired creator, but he is also fickle and flighty, as evidenced by the many tales of his amorous adventures with mermaids, mortal aquatic elves, and other lovely beings of the deep.
            Dogma: Swim the great currents and the shallow seas. Exult in the dynamic beauty and life of the bounteous Undersea. Revel in the joy of creation and increase its myriad aspects. Seek not to hold that which is everchanging, but instead love the change itself. Seek out fellow swimmers who honor the ways of the Lord of the Undersea, and ally with them against those who see only the darkness of the deeps. Follow the way of the dolphin. Promote knowledge and use of the sea by reasonable folk, and fight those that would stain or deplete its beauty and bounty.
Elebrin Liothiel

Intermediate deity
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Symbol: acorn
Home plane: Arborea
Portfolio: nature, gardens, harvest
Domain (-40%): plant spells
Worshipers: druids, farmers, gardeners

Known as the Celestial Gardener, Elebrin Liothiel is the elven god of orchards, gardens, and the harvest. This pastoral deity represents the abundance of nature and its ability to provide for those who live in harmony with it.
            Elebrin appears as a young male elf dressed in tunic and breeches in muted golden shades. His cloak is the color of green spring leaves embroidered with trailing vines, and he carries a sturdy staff made of rowan wood. A circlet of leafy vines adorns his brow.
            Dogma: Restore areas blighted by evil. Acquire seeds or cuttings of new plant life, try to preserve and spread it. Keep elven communities fed. Do not harm plant life.
Hanali Celanil

Intermediate deity
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Symbol: golden heart
Home plane: Arborea
Portfolio: love, romance, beauty, enchantments, magic item artistry, fine art, artists
Domain (-20%): enchantment spells, beneficial or love-related mind control spells, appearance-related body control spells, making and breaking spells
Worshipers: aesthetes, artists, enchanters, lovers, sorcerers

Hanali Celanil is a being of timeless beauty and benign nature, who always forgives minor transgressions and delights in rewarding her followers with the bliss of unexpected love and affection. She embodies romance, beauty, love, and joy in elven spirits, her only flaws being her own mild vanity and flighty nature. Although she rarely appears to her faithful, Hanali delights in seeing the growth of love among elves, and she often acts in secret to protect young lovers
            Dogma: Life is worth living because of the beauty found in the world and the love that draws twin hearts together. Nurture what is beautiful in life, and let beauty’s rapturous glow enliven and brighten the lives of those around you. The greatest joy is the rapture of newfound love and the tide of romance that sweeps over those wrapped in its embrace. Find love wherever it takes root, and bring it to its fullest bloom so that all may share in the joy and beauty it creates. Always give shelter and succor to young lovers, for their hearts are the truest guides to life’s proper course.


Intermediate deity
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Symbol: black spider with a female drow’s head
Home plane: Abyss
Portfolio: drow, spiders, darkness, assassins
Domain (-30%): darkness spells, poison spells, spider spells
Worshipers: drow

Lolth, the Queen of the Demonweb Pits, was Corellon’s original consort, but he cast her out of the Seldarine when she turned to evil. It was Lolth who first spread evil among the elves and led the drow away from the rest of the elves thousands of years ago. Now she focuses on using the drow to conquer the vast cavern-realms beneath the surface of the earth. Lolth relishes the chance to test her followers by pitting them against each other so that the strong may cull out the weak.
            Lolth appears either as a tall, beautiful female drow or a massive black spider with a female drow’s head.
            Dogma: Fear is as strong as steel, while love and respect are soft and useless. Convert or destroy nonbeliever drow. Weed out the weak and the rebellious. Destroy impugners of the faith. Sacrifice males, slaves, and those of other races who ignore the commands of Lolth or her clerics. Raise children to praise and fear Lolth, each family should produce at least one cleric to serve her. Questioning Lolth’s motives or wisdom is a sin, as is aiding nondrow against the drow, or ignoring Lolth’s commands for the sake of a lover. Revere arachnids of all kinds; those who kill or mistreat a spider must die.

Sehanine Moonbow

Intermediate deity
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Symbol: crescent above a full moon
Home plane: Arborea
Portfolio: mysticism, dreams, death, journeys, transcendence, the moon, the stars, the heavens
Domain (-20%): dream spells, star spells, moon spells, movement spells, knowledge spells
Worshipers: diviners, elves, half-elves, illusionists, opponents of the undead

The Daughter of the Night Skies holds sway over death, dreams, and the beauty of the night. Now the consort of Corellon Larethian, Sehanine Moonbow provided strength to him from her tears during his battles with Gruumsh. It is she who eases the passage of dying elves and their spirits to their final reward. When an elf nears death from old age, disease, or some other nonviolent means, a milky-white, opaque crescent often appears in the lenses of his eyes – Sehanine’s characteristic “moonbow.” At such times, the goddess often sends the dying elf a vision of the next world to give him hope and strength during his passage.
            The Lady of Dreams also governs sleep, dreams, and mystic revelations. She rarely speaks to her followers directly, preferring to impart her will through dreams, mystic visions, and journeys of the spirit.
            Sehanine appears as an ethereally beautiful female elf with white hair and blue eyes. She is usually clad in a silvery gown and wearing a piece of silver jewelry shaped like a full moon.
            Dogma: Life is series of mysteries whose secrets are veiled by the Luminous Cloud. As the spirit transcends its mortal bounds and new mysteries are uncovered, a higher form is achieved and the cycle of life continues. Through contemplation and meditation, communion with the Lady of Dreams is achieved. Through dreams, visions, and omens revealed in sleep or the reverie, the Daughter of the Night Sky unveils the next step along the path and the next destination on the endless journey of mystic wonder that is life and death and life.

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