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Sorcery: Gate Spells III

Sorcery: Gate Spells III

I quite adore Gate spells. Hide Object is a spell equivalent of the famous bag of holding. Phase and Phase Other are active defenses that etherealize the caster ot another being for a moment. Sanctuary gives the caster a pocket dimension.
Hide Object
Keywords: None.
Full Cost: 1.35 points/level*.
Casting Roll: None.
Range: Touch.
Duration: Indefinite.

You can place objects in an extraplanar space whose access travels with you. Each level provides space for (HP x HP)/1,000 cubic feet of possessions. While you can multiply by 20 lbs./cubic foot to estimate weight, the contents aren’t affected by gravity and capacity doesn’t depend on your ST. Rather than being protected by your defensive advantages, your possessions are in another dimension entirely and can’t be affected by any normal attack.
If your cargo is a single object, getting it out takes one second or a Fast-Draw roll (aided by Talent). When carrying multiple objects, extracting a specific item requires 1d seconds per level of spell and a DX roll at -5 for working by touch (also aided by Talent).
When the spell ends, all contents are expelled.
Statistics: Payload 1 (Cosmic, Extraplanar, +50%; Sorcery, -15%) [1.35/level*].
* Calculate the total cost then round up.

Keywords: None.
Full Cost: 35 points.
Casting Roll: Power Dodge (IQ/2+3).
Range: Self.
Duration: Instantaneous.

While this spell is active you can “dodge” an incoming attack by phasing out to the Ethereal Plane for a moment. This works as if you had Jumper (World) (B64), but with no -10 penalty for lack of preparation.
You can carry up to your Heavy Load when you phase.
Statistics: Jumper (World; Active Defense, -40%; Extra Carrying Capacity, Heavy, +30%; Faster Concentration 5, +25%; Improved, +10%; Limited Access, Ethereal Plane for a moment, -80%; Magical, 10%) [35]. Note: The Improved enhancement removes the auto-fail on 14+.

Phase Other
Keywords: Resisted (Will).
Full Cost: 154 points.
Casting Roll: Power Dodge (Will/2+3). IQ to timeport.
Range: Unlimited.
Duration: Instantaneous.

If the subject fails to resist, the caster may try an immediate IQ roll to shift the subject to the Ethereal Plane for a moment as if using the Jumper advantage (B64). This spell may only be used as an active defense.
Statistics: Affliction 1 (Will; Active Defense, -40%; Advantage, Phase Other, +1,300%; Based on Will, +20%; Malediction 2, +150%; No Signature, +20%; Sorcery, -15%) [154]. Notes: “Phase Other” is Jumper (World; Extra Carrying Capacity, Extra-Heavy, +50%; Improved, +10%; Limited Access, Ethereal Plane for a moment, -80%; Reliable +10, +50%) [130]. The +10 for Reliable cancels the -10 for no preparation. Note: The Improved enhancement removes the auto-fail on 14+.

Keywords: None.
Full Cost: 130 points.
Casting Roll: IQ. Special casting time (see below).
Range: Self.
Duration: Instantaneous.

You move yourself to a pocket dimension. To initiate a jump, you must visualize your destination, concentrate for 10 seconds, and make a IQ roll. You may hurry the jump, but your roll will be at -1 per second of concentration omitted (-10 to jump with no preparation at all). On a success, you enter your pocket dimension. Failure means you stay in your current world and are at -5 to cast this spell for the next 10 minutes. Critical failure results are up to the GM, but likely result in you winding up somewhere (or somewhen) else.
While in your pocket dimension, time passes normally, allowing you to regain HP or FP, reload your firearms, brew potions, and so forth. Those with Jumper (World) or Jumper (Pocket Dimension) can “hitch a ride” to your pocket dimension as per the rules for Jumper (World).
Your pocket dimension is the size of a small bedroom (or the equivalent of the best Status -2 dwelling in your campaign setting) but has no other features. It does not, for instance, have furniture, light fixtures, etc. It does have a breathable atmosphere and takes whatever shape you initially desire, but from that point onward is fixed. For instance, you could have a pocket dimension that actually looks like a small bedroom or a cave.
When you want to leave your pocket dimension, cast this spell again. Success means you return to the place where you were when you initially used this ability. Failure means you go nowhere. Critical failure means you’re trapped in your pocket dimension for 1d hours or you arrive as normal but your spell burns out for 1d hours.
If you travel to another time, parallel Earth, different dimension, etc., you can still access your pocket realm. All of your rolls to cast this spell are at -2, however, until your domain “settles,” which takes 1d hours from the moment you arrive in the new time/world.
Should you die, your pocket dimension disappears, ejecting any living non-native beings to the last place they were before entering the pocket dimension. Alternatively, the GM might allow the plane to exist on its own, choose a new “owner,” or something similar.
You can carry up to your Heavy Load when you travel.
Statistics: Jumper (Pocket Dimension; Extra Carrying Capacity, Heavy, +30%; Improved, +10%; Magical, 10%) [130]. Note: The Improved enhancement removes the auto-fail on 14+.

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