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Alchemy: Wondrous Elixirs

Alchemy: Wondrous Elixirs

The wondrous items section in the Dungeon Master's Guide for D&D 3.5 contains quite a few items that seem that they would better be classified as alchemical elixirs. So, that's what I did. I omit the incense of meditation, because it cannot be properly represented in GURPS.

Elixir of Fire Breath
This strange elixir bestows upon the drinker the ability to spit gouts of flame. He can breathe fire up to three times, each time dealing 2d burning damage to a single target up to 10 yards away. Use Innate Attack (Beam) to hit. Don’t apply range penalties; treat this as a long melee weapon rather than a ranged attack. Unused blasts dissipate 1 hour after the liquid is consumed.
Duration: 1 hour or until all uses are spent.
Form: Potion.
Cost: $210 (singular); $75 (5-batched).
Recipe: $21; 1 day; defaults to Alchemy-1.
Statistics: Affliction 1 (HT; Advantage, Elixir of Fire Breath, +100%; Magical, -10%; Potion, -25%) [7]. Notes: «Elixir of Fire Breath» is Burning Attack 2d (Destructive Parry, +10%; Increased 1/2D, 2x, +5%; Limited Use, 3 uses, Fast Reload, -10%; Jet, +0%; Magical, -10%) [10].

Restorative Ointment
This light green salve accelerates the healing processes in the subject’s body, making him regenerate 1 HP per hour and instantly purging any poisons that affect him. In addition, the subject must make a HT roll. The roll is at a cumulative -3 penalty for every successful use on the same subject within 24 hours, at a flat -2 penalty if the subject is unconscious, and at an additional modifier to cure disease (see below). Failure costs the subject 1d FP. The HT roll is at a modifier set by the GM, from +1 for a common cold to -15 for bone marrow cancer. If successful, the subject loses FP equal to twice the absolute value of the penalty, minimum 1, as has his disease cured. For example, if a kidney infection causes a -3 penalty to skill, the subject would lose 6 FP.
Duration: 5 hours and Instantaneous (see text).
Form: Ointment.
Cost: $2,370 (singular); $855 (5-batched).
Cost (Herbal): $1,890 (singular); $680 (5-batched).
Recipe: $237; 32 days; defaults to Alchemy-8.
Statistics: Affliction 1 (HT; Advantage, Restorative Ointment, +410%; Extended Duration, 100x, +20%; Link, +10%; Magical, -10%; Ointment, -45%) [49] + Healing (Based on HT, +20%; Contact Agent, -30%; Disease Only, -40%; Link, +10%; Magical, -10%; Takes Extra Time 3, -30%; Xeno-Healing, Anything Alive, +80%) [30]. Notes: «Ointment of Regeneration» is Regeneration (Regular; Magical, -10%) [23] + Unusual Training (Body Control, only to flush poisons) [1] + Body Control (VH) HT [8] modified with Cosmic, No die roll required, +100% and Magical, -10% for a final cost of 18 points. Extended Duration costs only 20%, because the Ointment meta-enhancement already includes Extended Duration, 30x, +60%.

Salve of Slipperiness
Rubbed on the body, this salve gives Slippery 10 (p. B85). Alternatively, it can be applied to a hard surface, producing effects identical to the Grease spell (GURPS Thaumatology: Sorcery, p. 22) in a 2-yard-radius area. The salve requires can be wiped off with an alcohol solution (even wine). Salve of slipperiness is needed to coat the inside of a container that is meant to hold sovereign glue (see below).
Duration: 5 hours.
Form: Ointment.
Cost: $1,170 (singular); $420 (5-batched).
Recipe: $117; 8 days; defaults to Alchemy-4.
Statistics: Affliction 1 (HT; Advantage, Salve of Slipperiness, +180%; Extended Duration, 100x, +20%; Magical, -10%; Ointment, -45%; Terminal Condition, Alcohol, -10%) [24/5=5] + Control Ground Friction 2 (Accessibility, Only to reduce friction, -25%; Cannot concentrate to extend duration, -10%; Extended Duration on Persistent, 3,000x, +140%; Magical, -10%; Persistent, +40%; Terminal Condition, Alcohol, -10%) [34]. Notes: «Salve of Slipperiness» is Slippery 10 (Magical, -10%) [18]. Extended Duration costs only 20%, because the Ointment meta-enhancement already includes Extended Duration, 30x, +60%.
This substance can be applied to a weapon. It will give the weapon the properties of silver, replacing the properties of any other special material it might have. One vial will coat a single melee weapon or 20 units of ammunition.
Duration: 1 hour.
Form: Ointment.
Cost: $810 (singular); $290 (5-batched).
Recipe: $81; 4 days; defaults to Alchemy-3.
Statistics: Affliction 1 (HT; Advantage, Silversheen, +220%; Magical, -10%; Ointment, -45%) [27]. Notes: «Silversheen» is 22 points, per Enhances or Transforms an Existing Attack (GURPS Thaumatology: Sorcery, p. 11). The level of the imbuement is estimated as 1, like the Transmute Object imbuement skill from Pyramid #3-102, p. 10.
Sovereign Glue
This pale amber substance is thick and viscous. Because of its particular powers, it can be contained only in a flask whose inside has been coated with 1 ounce of salve of slipperiness (the prices are listed for 1 ounce/dose of glue, and the salve of slipperiness is not included), and each time any of the bonding agent is poured from the flask, a new application of the salve of slipperiness must be put in the flask within 1 round to prevent the remaining glue from adhering to the side of the container. One ounce of this adhesive covers 1 square foot of surface, bonding virtually any two substances together in a permanent union. The glue takes 5 seconds to set. If the objects are pulled apart (a Ready maneuver) before that time has elapsed, that application of the glue loses its stickiness and is worthless. If the glue is allowed to set, then attempting to separate the two bonded objects requires a successful Quick Contest of ST (sovereign glue has ST 30), except when universal solvent is applied to the bond. (Sovereign glue is dissolved by universal solvent.)
Duration: Instantaneous.
Form: Ointment.
Cost: $1,530 (singular); $550 (5-batched).
Recipe: $153; 14 days; defaults to Alchemy-6.
Statistics: Binding 30 (Delay, 5 seconds, -0%; Melee Attack, Reach C, Cannot Parry, -35%; Nuisance Effect, Hard to contain, -10%; Sticky, +20%; Takes Extra Time 3, -30%; Unbreakable, +40%) [51].

Stone Slave
This ointment has two uses. If a dose of it is applied to the flesh of a petrified creature, it returns the creature to flesh as the Stone to Flesh spell. If a dose of it is applied to the flesh of a nonpetrified creature, it protects the creature as a Stoneskin spell for 1 hour.
Duration: Instantaneous or 1 hour (see text).
Form: Ointment.
Cost: $1,470 (singular); $530 (5-batched).
Recipe: $147; 13 days; defaults to Alchemy-5.
Statistics: Affliction 1 (HT; Advantage, Stone Salve, +420%; Magical, -10%; Ointment, -45%) [47] + Neutralize Magic (Accessibility, Must target subject, not caster, -10%; Cosmic, Can dispel spells that are immune to Dispel Magic, +50%; Interruption, -50%; One Ability, Flesh to Stone, -80%; Precise, +20%; Takes Extra Time 3, -30%) [10/5=2]. Notes: “Stone Salve” is DR 10 (Magical, -10%; Semi-Ablative, -20%) [35] + Nictitating Membrane 10 (Magical, -10%; Semi-Ablative, -20%) [7].
Unguent of Timelessness
When applied to any matter that was once alive this ointment allows that substance to resist the passage of time. Each year of actual time affects the substance as if only a day had passed. The unguent never wears off, although it can be magically removed (by dispelling the effect, for instance).
Duration: Permanent.
Form: Ointment.
Cost: $810 (singular); $290 (5-batched).
Recipe: $81; 4 days; defaults to Alchemy-3.
Statistics: Affliction 1 (HT; Accessibility, Only on matter that was once alive, -20%; Advantage, Unguent of Timelessness, +140%; Extended Duration, Permanent, +90%; Magical, -10%; Ointment with no Terminal Condition, -35%) [27]. Notes: «Unguent of Timelessness» is Unaging (Magical, -10%) [14]. Extended Duration costs only 90%, because the Ointment meta-enhancement already includes Extended Duration, 30x, +60%.
Universal Solvent
This substance has the unique property of being able to dissolve sovereign glue and tanglefoot bags.
Duration: Instantaneous.
Form: Ointment.
Cost: $360 (singular); $130 (5-batched).
Recipe: $36; 1 day; defaults to Alchemy-2.
Statistics: Neutralize Binding (Accessibility, Must target subject, not caster, -10%; Interruption, -50%; One Ability, Sovereign Glue, -80%; Precise, +20%; Takes Extra Time 3, -30%) [10] + Neutralize Binding (Accessibility, Must target subject, not caster, -10%; Interruption, -50%; One Ability, Tanglefoot Bag, -80%; Precise, +20%; Takes Extra Time 3, -30%) [10/5=2].

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