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Sorcery: Essential Earth Spells

Sorcery: Essential Earth Spells

Pyramid #3-25 has a set of interesting essential elemental spells. Adamant Hail rains adamant on the enemies. Adamant Missile throws a chunk of adamant. Flesh to Adamant is a hard to dispel version of Flesh to Stone. Orichalcum Edge increases the damage and hardness of a metal weapon.

Adamant Hail
Keywords: Area (Leveled).
Full Cost: 22 points (or more).
Casting Roll: None. Use Innate Attack (Gaze) to aim.
Range: 100 yards.
Duration: 30 seconds.

You cause chunks of adamant to rain down upon an area. Use Innate Attack (Gaze), at +4, to center the area; see Scatter (p. B414) if you miss. Everyone who spends even part of their turn in the area is attacked with an effective skill of 12, modified only for their SM. Anyone hit takes 1d(2) crushing damage. Victims may raise their shields as cover, at the risk of damaging them (p. B484). You may always choose (when casting) to scale back the damage or the area affected.
The basic (22-point) version of this spell lets you affect an area up to 16 yards across. Each additional doubling of area adds to basic cost; the GM sets the cap on this increase, but 128 yards is the recommended maximum. The upgraded (30-points) version increases the damage to 2d-1(2). This is summarized in the table below.
16 yards
32 yards
64 yards
128 yards
22 points
24 points
27 points
29 points
30 points
34 points
37 points
41 points
Statistics: Crushing Attack 1d (Armor Divisor, (2), +50%; Area Effect, 16 yards, +200%; Bombardment, Skill-12, -10%; Extended Duration, 3x, +20%; Overhead, +30%; Persistent, +40%; Sorcery, -15%; Variable, +5%; Variable, Area, +5%) [22]. Improved versions add Area Effect (+50%/level) and/or improve to Crushing Attack 2d-1.
Adamant Missile
Keywords: Missile, Obvious.
Full Cost: 6.5 points/level*.
Casting Roll: None. Use Innate Attack (Projectile) to hit.
Range: 100 yards.
Duration: Instantaneous.

You throw a ball of adamant at a single target. Use Innate Attack (Projectile) to hit, applying normal range penalties. It does 1d(2) crushing damage per level of this spell. The missile can be blocked. The GM must determine what the maximum level available in the campaign is.
Statistics: Crushing Attack (Armor Divisor, (2), +50%; Blockable, -5%; Sorcery, -15%) [6.5/level*].
* Calculate the cost, then round up.
Flesh to Adamant
Keywords: Resisted (HT).
Full Cost: 66 points.
Casting Roll: Will.
Range: Unlimited.
Duration: Permanent.

You can turn a living subject into adamant! If he fails to resist, his body and anything he is carrying become adamant. This cannot be undone via Dispel Magic (GURPS Thaumatology - Sorcery, p. 21); countering it requires Remove Curse (GURPS Thaumatology - Sorcery, p. 21) or the equivalent of Stone to Flesh (GURPS Magic, p. 53). Remove Curse, Flesh to Stone, and similar spells that reverse this effect have their energy costs doubled, and are at -5 unless the caster knows Essential Earth.
Statistics: Affliction 1 (HT; Cosmic, Hard to Dispel, +50%; Cosmic, Immune to Dispel Magic, +50%; Extended Duration, Permanent, +150%; Malediction 2, +150%; No Signature, +20%; Paralysis, Variant, +150%; Sorcery, -15%) [66].
Orichalcum Edge
Keywords: Weapon Buff.
Full Cost: 30 points. (KYOS: 28 points).
Casting Roll: None. Use Innate Attack (Gaze) to aim.
Range: 100 yards.
Duration: 3 minutes.

Turns the surface of a metallic weapon into orichalcum, giving it a brassy tinge. This spell adds +2 to swing damage and +1 to thrust damage of the weapon. In addition, this spell increases the weapon’s DR by 4. The GM should impose a level cap on this spell.
Statistics: Affliction 1 (HT; Accessibility, Only on metal weapons, -30%; Advantage, Orichalcum Edge, +210%; Fixed Duration, +0%; Increased 1/2D, 10x, +15%; No Signature, +20%; Sorcery, -15%) [30] (KYOS: 28). Notes: “Orichalcum Edge” is Striking ST 2 (Magical, -10%; One Attack, This weapon, -60%) [3] (KYOS: 1) + DR 4 (Magical, -10%) [18].

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