Thursday, 19 September 2019

Psionics: Additional Anti-Psi Abilities

Psionics: Additional Anti-Psi Abilities

I don't think that this power's scope is broad, but I still managed to squeeze in a couple of new abilities.

Apopsi – 33/42/51/66 points for levels 1-4
Skill: Apopsi (Will/Hard).

By using this ability, you deplete the victim’s psionic power reserves. You must win in a Quick Contest of your skill against your victim’s Will. The victim loses ER (Psi) equal to your margin of victory (maximum 10).
                At level 1, you must make skin-to-skin contact to use Apopsi. At level 2, any touch will do. At level 3, you can use your ability at range; your skill roll is at -1/yard. At level 4, apply normal range penalties (p. B550) instead.
Statistics: Fatigue Attack 10 points (HT; Anti-Psi, -0%; Contact Agent, -30%; Damage cannot exceed margin of victory, -50%; Damages ER instead of FP, +0%; Malediction 1, +100%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -30%; No Signature, +20%) [33]. Further levels remove Contact Agent [42], then Melee Attack [51], and then improve Malediction to 2 [66].

Reddopsi – 57 points
Skill: Reddopsi (IQ/Hard).

When you or your equipment is directly affected by a psionic ability, you can make a skill roll to flip it about to target the attacker, who may resist normally.
Statistics: Static (Psi; Anti-Psi, -0%; Reflection, +100%; Requires IQ Roll, -10%) [57].

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