Friday, 24 March 2017

Treasure: Special Materials II

Treasure: Special Materials II

Three more special materials from Pathfinder RPG converted. Abysium is one of the fabled skymetals. It glows, but is poisonous to the wielder. Angelskin is poor as an armor, but conceals unholy auras, which is useful for dark priests, antipaladins, and such. Armor made of bulette plates is not any better than steel, but is prized by the collectors and dwarves in general.

This glowing blue-green substance can be a powerful energy source. In addition, it causes sickness to those exposed to it for a long time without any protective measures Abysium has physical characteristics of steel and can be used to forge weapons and armor. For every week a person has an item made of abysium in his possession (even in his backpack), he makes a roll against HT. On a failed roll, he loses a point of HT. HT lost to this sickness is recovered at one point per week after he has gotten rid of all of his abysium items. Items made of abysium glow as a candle. +19 CF.

Preserved skin of an angel keeps a portion of its heavenly virtue and can be used to create a light leather armor (LT104). Angelskin produces an aura of good that masks evil auras. If a creature with an evil aura wears angelskin armor, it becomes more difficult to detect with Detect Evil and similar abilities (the detecting character gets a -1 penalty to his Sense rolls for every full 20% of body coverage (LT100), up to the maximum of -10). Usually such armor is worn not separately, but hidden under something more substantial, like scale armor. Angelskin armor works like furs (LT104), providing DR 1 against cutting attacks. +38 CF.

Bulette Plates
Dwarves treasure the bulettes for their thick hides and armor plates since the ancient times. Some dwarven clans even send their young on pilgrimages to areas swarming with bulettes to obtain the prized armor plates of these beasts. A suit of plate armor made of bulette plates is identical to heavy plate armor (LT108), but is prized by wealthy collectors and warlords of the world (+3 to Reaction rolls). +9 CF.


  1. Very cool. Will there be more of this in the future? I've always thought that weapon and armor customization rules/options were really underappreciated. With a little bit of time you can create some truly impressive and unique gear with what's out there.

    1. Thanks! Yes, there will be more, probably next month.