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Galactic Havoc: Psychotronics and TL

Galactic Havoc: Psychotronics and TL

As I mentioned in the setting design goals and overview (no, I haven't abandoned it, I'm just doing some other stuff as well), supernatural powers, including psionics, will exist in the setting. Psychotronic devices that emulate or otherwise affect psionic powers are described in GURPS Ultra-Tech and GURPS Psi-Tech, but they are not assigned to any TL - they are just listed as TL^. Splitting them between different tech levels will allow us to create civilizations that have more advanced psychotronics than others or less advanced, which is a good thing, in my opinion.

When a psychotronic device is described both in GURPS Ultra-Tech and GURPS Psi-Tech, use the one from GURPS Psi-Tech. Psychotronic devices were rearranged among the TLs in the following way:
    TL 9^: Psiberface Port, no wireless; Psiberface Helmet; Psiberface Implant; Brainlock; Psi-Amplifier Throne; Universal Psi-Amplifier; Dedicated Psi-Amplifier; Gestalt Web; Electro-Psionic Neutralizer; Null-Field Tower; Portable Overload Field; Semi-Portable Overload Field; Overload-Field Tower; Diagnostic Overload Projector; Overload Grenade; Psi-Impeder Helmet; P-Web Shield; Laboratory Deathscanner; Psi Scanner; Psitector Band; PK Battery; Kinetic Bubble; TKS Structure; Psiberweave; Psychotronic Bodyshield; Empathic Mirror; Memory Crystal; Mindscanner; Mind-Shield Helmet (TL-6 bonus); Mind-Shield Circuitry (TL-6 bonus); Telepathic Barrier (TL-6 bonus); Blocker; Blue Fire; Brainstorm; Catalyst Drug; Muffler; Shatter; Trance; Window; Brain-Tissue Grafts; Drones; Soma-Traumatic Latency Therapy.
    TL 10^: Psiberface Field; Psi-Amplifier Helmet; Backpack Psi-Amplifier; Psi-Amplifier Citadel; Psychotronic Generators; Psychotronic Battery; Dedicated Psychotronic Battery; Portable Null Field; Semi-Portable Null Field; Pocket Overload Field; Psi-Impeder Band; Dedicated Psi-Impeder; Psycho-Optic Filter Goggles; Psycho-Optic Filter Mode; Psychotronic Para-Stealth; Portable Deathscanner; Event Recorder; Psychokinetic Bridge; Fear Extractor; Psi-Bomb; Mini Mind Shield (TL-6 bonus); Psychic Lock; Empathic Lock; Psychic Probe; Telepathic Switches; Actuality Shield; Local Jump Vortex; Teleport Jammer; Mind Hype; Monobloc; Psi-Booster; Shiver; Neuro-Psi Implants; Psibernetic Implants.
    TL 11^: Dream Net (p. UT103); Karmic Collector; Psi-Amplifier Headband; Pocket Null Field; Null-Neutralizer Node; Mind Disruptor; Mindseeker; Thought Globe; Jump Beacon; Portable Jump Vortex; Psychotronic Teleportal; Somatic Exofield; Psiborgs.
    TL 12^: Mental Translator; Psionic Computers; Symbiotic Crystal; World Web; Mind-Transfer Machine.

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