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Sorcery: Plant Spells V

Sorcery: Plant Spells V

Even more plant spells! Essential Wood transforms wood into a magical essence of wood. Plant Control telekinetically controls a plant. Walk Through Plants is useful when traveling through jungles. Walk Through Wood can be used to circumwent wooden barriers.
Essential Wood
Keywords: None.
Full Cost: 9 points/level.
Casting Roll: IQ.
Range: Touch.
Duration: 10 seconds or permanent; see text.

This spell allows you to turn any dead wood into the magical essence of wood. To do so, touch the matter you wish to transform, take a Concentrate maneuver and roll vs. IQ. Success means you transform the matter successfully. Failure means nothing happens. Critical failure means the transformation happens, but in a way that’s inconvenient or dangerous – the GM should be creative!
Transmutation costs 1 FP per use.
The final product can weigh up to 10 x (level squared) lbs. – 10 lbs. at level 1, 40 lbs. at level 2, 90 lbs. at level 3, and so on. This limits the weight of the matter being transformed.
Essential Wood is three times as strong as regular wood, with three times the HP and DR listed on p. B558, and three times the ability to support weight. It is difficult to ignite with regular flames (Highly Resistant, according to the chart on p. B433), but once lit burns three times as long. It also burns hotter, adding an extra point of damage to each die (this will even increase the heat of Essential Flame!).
If the product is worth more than what you started with, it’s unstable and will revert to its original form after 10 seconds unless you stabilize it with your character points – in which case point cost depends on the difference in value. Each point spent stabilizes a quantity worth 10% of the campaign’s average starting wealth. (This is just the tradeoff used for Trading Points for Money, p. B26.) The GM determines the cash value per pound of matter – a ton of iron costs more to stabilize than a ton of stone.
Points spent to stabilize matter come from your “Creation Pool,” a number of points set aside for the purpose. You can’t apply any modifiers to these points. Points used to stabilize matter are unavailable until reclaimed – which causes the matter to vanish. If the matter is crafted into an object, the item is unmade when the matter vanishes. If the matter is mixed with other materials (e.g., alloyed), you must separate it to reclaim your points; this can be a tedious process. If it’s destroyed or transformed (e.g., eaten), you can’t reclaim your points – they’re gone. You can increase your Creation Pool with unspent points at any time.
Statistics: Create (Cosmic, Essential, +50%; Transmute Wood to Essential Wood, +50%; Transmutation Only, -100%; Magical, -10%) [9/level].

Plant Control
Keywords: None.
Full Cost: 7 points/level.
Casting Roll: None.
Range: 10 yards.
Duration: Indefinite.

This spell enables living, but not intelligent and mobile plants to flex. The minimum level required to animate a plant equals its HP/4. An animated plant can grab, lift, strike, and throw with ST equal to (4*Plant Control level needed to animate it). It has your DX. It can walk and jump if it isn’t fixed in place; Move equals to 4*Plant Control level minus the level needed to animate it. You can use skills through animated plants – but note that plants other than topiaries usually have No Fine Manipulators. Plants return to their rest state once you give up control. Plant Control requires constant concentration to use. In combat, this means you must take a Concentrate maneuver on your turn.
Statistics: Telekinesis 4 (Accessibility, Living Plants Only, -30%; Animation, -20%; Sorcery, -15%) [7]. Every additional level adds 4 more levels of Telekinesis [+7].

Walk Through Plants
Keywords: Buff.
Full Cost: 21 points.
Casting Roll: None. Use Innate Attack (Gaze) to aim.
Range: 100 yards.
Duration: 30 minutes.

The subject does not suffer DX or Move penalties for traversing through undergrowth, bushes, or other dense vegetation.
Statistics: Affliction 1 (HT; Advantage, Walk Through Plants, +50%; Extended Duration, 10x, +40%; Fixed Duration, +0%; Increased 1/2D, 10x, +15%; No Signature, +20%; Sorcery, -15%) [21]. Note: “Walk Through Plants” is Terrain Adaptation (Dense Vegetation; Magical, -10%) [5].
Walk Through Wood
Keywords: Buff.
Full Cost: 58 points.
Casting Roll: None. Use Innate Attack (Gaze) to aim.
Range: 100 yards.
Duration: Nine minutes.

This spell allows the subject to pass through wood (dead or alive) as if it was not even there. He does not automatically sink into the wood; the wood beneath his feet is as solid as he wishes it to be. He will need to hold his breath on long trips (this spell does not provide air) and gains no special ability to see through wood. He may carry up to Light encumbrance while doing this.
Statistics: Affliction 1 (HT; Advantage, Walk Through Wood, +440%; Extended Duration, 3x, +20%; Fixed Duration, +0%; Increased 1/2D, 10x, +15%; No Signature, +20%; Sorcery, -15%) [58]. Notes: “Walk Through Wood” is Permeation (Wood; Can Carry Objects, Light Encumbrance, +20%; Magical, -10%) [44].

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